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  1. Subscription to our newsletter

If you wish to receive the latest property news by email, you may subscribe freely to our Newsletter.
There are two options to do:
1. Through your ’PARAMETERS’ page (you must be logged in to your account)
From the white menu at the top, click on ’MY ACCOUNT’ to display the drop-down menu and click on ’MY PARAMETERS’.
You will be directed to your ’PARAMETERS’ page.
Just tick the box ’RECEIVE NEWSLETTERS FROM LEXPRESSPROPERTY’ located at the bottom of the section ’SUBSCRIPTIONS’ and click on ’VALIDATE’ to confirm your subscription:

2. You may also subscribe to our newsletter from the section ’SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER’ located at the bottom of each page of the website.
Just insert your email address and click on the red arrow.
You will be directed to a second landing page to confirm your subscription.
You will then receive a confirmation email to finalise your subscription.