How to create your dedicated workspace from home

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Since the lockdown episodes happening at the beginning of the year, here and elsewhere, working from home has become part of the new normal. In order to optimise your productivity at home, a practical and comfortable office corner is a must!

Practical tips for an optimal layout

Si dans l’absolu il ne vous suffit que de votre ordinateur et d’une bonne connexion internet pour pouvoir travailler, hors de question de se mettre sur le lit ou allongé dans un canapé douillet qui invite à la sieste !

Even if all you need is your computer and a good internet connection to be able to work, By no means should you get into bed or lie down on a cosy sofa that calls for a nap!

There is nothing like a dedicated workspace to boost productivity and efficiency on a daily basis when working at home. Here are our best tips to help you design a pleasant working space where you will enjoy working.

Space: dedicate a corner, or even an entire room, to work peacefully. Try and isolate yourself from noise, children... Set Your desk correctly, ideally in the corner of a window, making sure the space is well lit with natural light.

Colours: if neutral or dark tones put you to sleep, opt for bright colours for your walls! They have the power not only to stimulate your concentration, but also play on your mood and help to motivate you.

Greenery: our dear plants... they are pleasant and add a touch of freshness to a room, whether they are placed next to the desk, hanging or even on top of the desk. They can also act as a visual partition and delimit a room, if your workspace is shared.

Comfort: for significant optimum performance, you must rely on devices that will make your life easier. From sockets to connect your computer to a storage unit for your files, and a comfortable chair that will save you from back pain... These are the essentials for your bubble of comfort and concentration.

The right environment

Seats, desks... You need to be properly equipped to optimise your productivity. Indeed, it can be difficult to concentrate if you don’t have an office corner worthy of the name. Find out how to be as comfortable at home as productive at the office...

Olivier de Comarmond, Marketing & Design Manager of Espace et Vie, advises:
"Working from home while remaining as efficient as in the office can be complicated. So it is important to be at least comfortable. And it starts with a good chair. So choose an ergonomic one that won’t make your back suffer after a few hours. And don’t forget the importance of working in a well-lit and ventilated room.”

Practical tools

If you have to equip your home to work efficiently, you will also need the appropriate tools... Starting with a good internet connection, accessories and software such as headsets, printers or inverters.

Thomas Saunier, Director of TopHat Solutions, emphasises this:
"Working remotely requires some organisation and tools. Even if we are not so dependent on teleworking in Mauritius at the moment, the culture is gradually evolving. It is therefore becoming essential to have these IT solutions, to work comfortably and efficiently at home... as if you were at the office! A VPN, for example, allows you to remotely access files hosted on your company’s server. With these practical tools, in addition to a good laptop, mobile phone or tablet, working from home becomes child’s play!”

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