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When meeting an entrepreneur, a house plan must have already been created, which is often done by an architect. The plan being the starting point of a construction, it is essential for it to be properly executed by a professional architect whose selection would have been carried by following some steps and by respecting certain criteria.

By choosing an architect, it is possible to choose a skilled acquaintance or a highly recommended third party. However, it is important to check the person’s qualifications and to evaluate his previous achievements. It is also highly recommended to choose an architect whose style meets the required house type as well as the chosen environment whether it is urban or rural. Creating a house plan requires a good collaboration between the client and the architect as a satisfying result resided on excellent communication. Hence, it is advisable to favour proximity by hiring an architect who works in the construction’s zone or in the neighbourhoods.

After finding the appropriate person capable of correctly completing the project, it is very important to ask for an invoice to be sure that the architect’s fees meet the established budget. Architect being a liberal profession, the tariffs vary according to practitioners. Thus, it is possible to negotiate advantageous tariffs by allowing competition to ensure value-for-money but not without meeting several architects and examining their works.
Those who wish to build a house in Mauritius may contact the Mauritius Association of Architects, grouping many local professional architects. This is how a client will be sure to hire a confirmed practitioner.

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