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Before contacting a building contractor, a house plan giving all necessary indications must be drawn. The plan must include the number of rooms and their location as well as their surface areas. Globally, the plan must include 10% of additional surface area for the circulation zones. It is a precondition for the plan to suit the selected environment and the materials must fit the construction zone. The construction style must also be mentioned on the plan.

There are many ways of producing a house plan, the most common being to ask for a designer’s or an architect’s services. They may offer personalized plans or already existing ones from their catalogues. They may use their previous plans and adapt them to the surface areas and to the materials to be used by their future clients. Prices may vary according to architects and designers.

The more traditional ones, including those who wish to save money, may choose to design their houses on their own. The most talented can try a handmade plan but they should, indeed have some sound knowledge of architectural plans. Even though this method may seem quite effective, it turns the plan making more difficult as it requires accuracy and much precision. House plans can also be generated from online software once all necessary information about the project has been input. Even if those software do not offer an architect’s or a designer’s experience, they allow a first glance of the project. Those wishing to obtain a more refined online result may register on websites offering 3D house plans, giving an overview of the final product. Those 3D software allow users to test colours, helping them to choose which ones shall best fit their future houses and their interiors.

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