Surveying your plot of land

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f you have the project to build in Mauritius, convert or plant on your land without encroaching on your neighbours land or breaching the law, it is very important to have a detailed plan of the property prepared by a licensed surveyor, giving accurate details of the measurements including width, length, borders, etc.

Title deeds and the land registry are not always reliable for their accuracy.

The surveyor in Mauritius

  • The surveyor is the one to contact to demarcate the land and is the only person authorised to do so.
  • This demarcation enables you to establish the boundaries of your plot of land,thanks to landmarks: boundary stones.
  • His duty is to advise you and to offer series of services that will be of use to you.
  • He must sign and date the plans and documents he hands over to you and include his seal. These details are important as they testify that the plans and documents have genuinely been drafted by a surveyor, thus proving his involvement and responsibility.
  • A legal proceeding will specify/define the land boundaries. In order to lend it more weight, you are advised to register these documents.
  • Surveyors also carry out topographic layouts, which are useful for architects and civil engineers when designing buildings.

Different types of demarcation in Mauritius
Demarcation of a boundary by amicable agreement
If the neighbours agree, an amicable demarcation of a boundaries can be carried out, with the help of one or more surveyors. This agreement has to specify the sharing out of the costs between them.

Demarcation of a boundary by judicial decision
If you are in conflict with your neighbours, and if they are not keen on carrying out an amicable demarcation, then you will need to resort to a demarcation of boundary by judicial decision.

The surveyor in Mauritius is free to set his fees. There is no price list. Fees can vary from office to office. They are generally calculated on the basis of an hourly rate which may differ depending on the complexity of the duty.

We would advise that you ask for quotations from various companies, so as to compare the fees. Fees can also be worked out on a daily basis. Prices of topographic studies shall be displayed in the buildings where these services are provided and will indicate the information as below:

  • Prices inclusive of tax for the 10 most commonly carried out services.
  • Whether the quotation is free of charge or not - if it is not, its cost shall be indicated.
  • Transportation costs and any other payment terms.
  • When the service is not carried out in the surveyor’s offices, but right onsite, a document with the indications mentioned above shall be presented to you first.
  • Lastly, documentation of services provided and prices must be posted in a conspicuous place and be at the client’s disposal.
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