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The Building Permit is an administrative document which gives the means to administration of checking that a project of construction complies well with the rules of town planning in force.

Application for Permits
Applicants for Building and Land Use Permit are requested to fill in the appropriate forms and to show at the Municipality with their Identity Card and all necessary information. To be taken into account, the application must be accompanied with all documents as specified on the forms. Any query on the Building Permit application is to be made by the applicant at the Application Section of the Planning Department.

Documents to submit

  • Copy of title deed/ Lease & planning clearance.
  • 3 sets of plans preferably on A4 or A3 size drawn to metric scale and signed by professional(s).
    • Location plan showing distances from specific and prominent landmarks preferably to the scale 1:2500, as well as width and location of access roads.
    • Site Plan showing plot dimensions, layout of building with setbacks from all boundaries, access roads & HWM, parking layout, septic tank/other sewage disposal system and any other existing structures preferably to the scale of 1:200
    • Acreage of site, acreage of each storey and detailed calculations for plot coverage and for parking shown on site plan: Any basement proposed & Contour plan submitted to justify the basement level
  • Layout plans of each floor preferably to the scale of 1:100 or 1:200, showing clearly proposed use of all rooms.
  • Main elevations preferably to the scale of 1:100 or 1:200, showing height of building.
  • Cross-Sections preferably to the scale 1:100 or 1:200 showing height of building.
  • Structural details submitted include:
    • Foundation layout.
    • Columns/foundation details (bases, strip footing, etc).
    • Beam details for each level.
    • Slab(s) details for each level.
    • Stairs.
    • Basement (if any).
    • Septic Tank/ other waste water disposal system.
    • Copy of all structural details of existing structure (if applicable).
  • Consent and copy of identity card of neighbour for construction at less than 0.9m from the common boundary;
  • Engineer’s certificate in case of building over 2 levels or span exceeding 5 m.
  • CEB Clearance (For all construction).
  • CWA/ W.M.A Clearance (For new construction).
  • Lease/ letter of reservation and planning clearance in case of state land.
  • General Rate receipt (where applicable).
  • Copy of I.D Card.
  • Application form (you may collect the application form from the planning Department of any local authority, or SEHDA;or the board of Investment, or the Ministry of local government).
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