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The Occupation Permit system was introduced by the Mauritian government in 2006 and since, it has been subject to a series of amendments. Generally speaking, the Occupation Permit grants the right to a foreigner to reside and work in Mauritius under certain key conditions.The following groups may apply for an Occupation Permit:

An Investor: The business must generate an annual turnover of more than 4 million rupees for an initial investment of U.S. $ 100,000.

A Professional perceiving a monthly basic salary of more than Rs 45,000 per month minimum.

A Self-employed whose business activity generates an annual turnover over Rs 600,000 yielded by an initial investment of USD 35,000.

A retiree who generates annual revenue of more than 40 000 USD.

Note : Expats holding an Occupation Permit delivered by Mauritian authorities are allowed to buy an apartment within a two-level residential block. The permit is valid for a period of 3 years.

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