Mauritius and its sandy beaches welcome you for one year with its Premium Visa

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After Dubai, Mauritius comes forward and launches its long-stay visa, making it possible to obtain a one-year permit. Give in the temptation and spend a year of working remotely on a paradise island! Still unconvinced? Discover some irrefutable arguments and pack your suitcases.

A year under the sun while working remotely… Are you eligible?

Anxious about winter coming up, along with the new confinement phase? Why not conveniently take a chance and work remotely in the tropics? A favourable option now possible, since the 23rd of October, when the Mauritian government announced the launch of its Premium Visa. This long-term visa, which aims to revive tourism activity, is now available for a renewable period of one year. While Mauritius has not experienced any local case of COVID for almost six months now, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages the island has to offer, namely its sandy beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

If you can already picture yourself working in the shade of palm trees or by the sea, you should know that you will have to match certain profiles:

- You have planned to spend your retirement in Mauritius;

- You already decided to settle in Mauritius before the pandemic;

- You are an investor or a professional wishing to work in Mauritius accompanied by your family;

- If you are able to work remotely for the duration of the visa;

- If your children are studying in Mauritius.

Moreover, you will then need to indicate your eligibility, by meeting the following criteria:

- You will need to show that you are prepared for this long-term project;

- You must have a source of income outside Mauritius and a main residence abroad;

- Under no circumstances should you look for work in the local market;

- You will need to take out travel and health insurance for the duration of your stay.

After the quarantine period, spent in one of the dedicated hotels, all you have to do is combine nomadic work and cocktail by the pool...

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