Becoming a retired resident in Mauritius

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After a long professional career, some people aim for a peaceful sunny retirement. In this respect, Mauritius has united all the necessary conditions in order to welcome foreigners willing to enjoy a small piece of paradise. A dream tropical climate, wonderful beaches and turquoise lagoons, political and economical stability and low taxation will ensure a stress-free seaside retirement. Regarding health, Mauritius offers well-equipped hospitals and clinics.

To enjoy those privileges as a retired in Mauritius, one must be 50 years old or older. The retired applicant will also have to prove his ability to make an annual bank transfer amounting $40 000 (30 000 euro) during his stay in Mauritius. Those two pre-requisites filled, a resident permit valid for 3 years will be granted to the applicant. After the three years, the Mauritian authorities shall evaluate the bank transfers. A resident permit not exceeding 10 years will then be granted to the applicant if he fulfilled the required fields.

However, those procedures may be avoided by acquiring an IRS or RES property. In fact, by buying a real estate which price shall exceed $500 000 (approximately 370 000 euro), an individual will be granted a permanent resident permit. Hence, a senior citizen willing to enjoy a peaceful retirement without worrying about the different procedures may consider this option.

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