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Each year, Mauritius island welcomes many French tourists, arriving with the several airlines offering flights at different prices. Without stopovers, flights may last for approximately 11 hours according to the weather conditions. Air Mauritius airline offer flights from Roissy Charles de Gaule airport from Rs47,000. Those willing to travel with Corsair airline will have to spend Rs34,500 for a flight from Orly Sud airport. Emirates Airline’s passengers will have to be patient as they will transit through the United Arab Emirates before landing in Mauritius. Emirates airline offer flights towards Mauritius for approximately Rs36,000 from Nice. As for British Airways travellers, transiting through the United Kingdom is compulsory. However passengers may board at any French airport including Orly, Roissy CDG, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Grenoble, Chambéry or even Figari for approximately Rs47,000. Those travelling with Air Austral airline will transit through St Denis at Reunion Island and will have to spend approximately Rs21,300.

A number of British tourists flock to Mauritius each year, most of them arriving from Heathrow Airport after approximately 12 hour flights. Air Seychelles is one of the airlines offering flights from to Mauritius from London. The flight shall cost approximately Rs31,000 and transit through either Abu Dhabi or Seychelles Airport. Travellers opting for Air Mauritius will have to spend Rs33,000 for a flight. Tourists who choose to travel with British Airways will spend from Rs38,100 to come to Mauritius. As for Egyptair airline, it offers direct flights from London from Rs24,630. British travellers may also want to travel with Air France for approximately Rs37,000.

German tourists converge towards Mauritius from several airports. However those who choose to travel with Lufthansa Airlines may board only at Frankfurt and will have to spend from Rs43,920. Air Mauritius and Emirates Airline have more choices. They may choose to board at Berlin, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Nuremberg or even Stuttgart by spending respective amounts of Rs36,045 and Rs28,650. Flights last approximately 11 hours from Germany to Mauritius.

Since the previous years, Mauritius Island welcomes an increasing number of Russian Tourists. There is no direct flights between Russia and Mauritius yet, hence Russian visitors will have to transit through Dubai. Thus, before experiencing Mauritius sea, sand and sun, Russian visitors will have to go through approximately 16 hours of travel. The different airlines offering flights linking Russia and Mauritius including the stopover at the United Arab Emirates are British Airways, Air France, Emirates Airline, Transaero, Egyptair and Swiss Airlines. Russians willing to travel to Mauritius will have to spend an average of Rs39,000 for the ticket.

Chinese tourists are more and more flocking to Mauritius. They arrive mainly from Beijing, Baiyun Airport at Guangzhou and from Pudong Airport at Shanghai. Chinese tourists who prefer direct flights may opt for Air Mauritius Airline offering 11 hour flights from Rs20,900. They may also travel with China Southern Airline, Emirates Airline, Air India and Air France. However for different Airlines offer flights including stopovers in countries such as Malaysia or Dubai.

United Arab Emirates

The number or tourists arriving to Mauritius from the United Arab Emirates, mainly from Dubai has known an increase of more that 50% since the last two years. Most of them opt to travel with Emirates Airlines offering direct six hour flights from Rs23,500. For those willing to travel with Air Mauritius, the flight shall cost approximately Rs22,900. Other airlines such as Quatar Aiways, Kenya Airways and South African Airways also offer flights towards Mauritius from Dubai but they may include some stopovers.

South Africa
South Africa is the fourth largest tourists market for Mauritius, thanks to the re-opening of the airway between Durban and Plaisance airport. Those arriving from Durban shall board at the King Shaka Airport for flights lasting approximately four hours. South African tourists also come from Tambo Airport at Johannesburg and from Cape Town Airport. Two airlines operate flights from South Africa; Air Mauritius for approximately Rs12,600 and the South African Airways for approximately Rs10,062. Note that flights from Cape Town last one hour more than those coming from the other cities’ airports.

A number of Australian tourists converge towards Mauritius each year. Most of them come from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney as those cities host Air Mauritius’s direct flights. Other companies such as Emirates Airline, South African Airways and Quantas also link Australia to Mauritius but they include some stopovers. Australians willing to visit Mauritius will have to spend approximately Rs23,000 for their air ticket along with ten hour flights.

Another tourist market for Mauritius is India. With its four airport servicing flights towards Mauritius, visitors from the peninsula flocks to Mauritius more and more. Those coming from Bengaluru Airport spend approximately Rs16,194 for their tickets. Those boarding in Chennai must spend Rs14,196. Passengers of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi must them spend approximately Rs21,702. The travellers coming from Mumbai shall board at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport for approximately Rs14,500. Direct flights are offered by Air Mauritius and last approximately six hours whereas Emirates Airline’s flights transit through Dubai.

Italians are enthusiast about holidays in Mauritius. They come from the different Italian airports through airlines such as Air Mauritius, Air France, Lufthansa, Emirates and Air Mauritius. In order to enjoy the Mauritian sun Italians spend from Rs31,360 in air tickets. The trip from Italy to Mauritius last approximately 11 hours and often includes some stopovers, depending on airlines.

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