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Nestled in the midst of the bountiful natural environment of Rivière Noire, Grand’Ouest will fulfil the dream of families seeking an authentic lifestyle. Ad Valorem real estate agency takes you on a site visit… for a change of scenery!

Looking for the ideal residential property is hard enough, without having to strike the perfect balance between all the boxes to be ticked on our list: in a lush natural environment, but near the necessary amenities, new and charming, while remaining practical, and well-arranged… for the right price! All the right reasons for which Ad Valorem is showcasing Grand’Ouest, a real estate project consisting of 24 semi-detached duplexes, situated over 1.6 acres of lush green nature in Rivière Noire. This project will certainly meet your expectations!

An ode to the Mauritian lifestyle

These properties consist of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, imparting the best of outside living. At the junction of the exotic flora, tropical climate and melodious surrounding nature, the cosy garden could just as well be another one of the rooms. Amateurs of private, lukewarm swims can also choose the optional swimming pool.

Inside, the open space of the kitchen extends to the living room, creating a vast and comfortable living space to enjoy quality family time. Almost like an extension of the living room itself, the veranda will be the place where the family gathers to chat and unwind after a long day.

At dusk, gather your friends or family under the gazebo, for a memorable barbecue, and a dominant view on the mountains, the perfect elements to create a welcoming atmosphere.

The authentic West as a backdrop

Make the most of the proximity of the residential complex to sports and wellness facilities, among other infrastructures, by foot or on a bike… And a mere 10 min away is the village of Tamarin, with its various businesses, supermarkets and offices. You will be able to live there without any compromise.

Make way for fun-filled week-ends, by indulging in your favourite activities: the Tamarin bay is a surfing and swimming hotspot while a few miles away, the Black River Gorges invite you to take an invigorating walk through the forest. Are you in a more festive mood? Restaurants and bars of the western region fulfil your desires.

Marketed as PDS, these properties are available to Mauritians, as well as foreigners. These duplexes are on sale as from Rs 7,3 million(excluding fees). Invest today. Contact Ad Valorem to book your unit now!


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