How about a heated pool this season?

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It brings about an undeniable added value to your real estate projects... Get the swimming pool of your dreams with Water Pleasures and Equipment Ltd...

Discover SunValue solar heating, its flagship product. This ecological and economical tool will heat your swimming pool water using solar energy… Ready to enjoy pleasant bathing moments even in winter?

An efficient system, respectful of the environment

A great news for those who get cold easily!

Manufactured under quality control by Magen group, SunValue solar collector is an ecological product promoting the use of renewable energies. While the panels can be set up on the roof, lawn or even along a hedge (provided they are exposed to the sun) your pool water will be pumped and directed to the collectors through tubes, and hence absorb the heat of the sun there. It will then be redirected to the swimming pool. Among other things, the diameter of the tubes has been designed to optimise and ensure maximum temperature exchange. A sustainable system that has been encapsulated to guarantee a lifespan of over 10 years.

Thanks to the Mauritian climate, where you can enjoy the sun all year round, solar heating systems are a big plus. They remain an economical and ecological way to enjoy your swimming pool even when it is cool. Are you curious and want to know more? Wait no more and contact Water Pleasures, SunValue’s exclusive distributor… All you have to do is send them the dimensions of your pool via a form, and they will quickly make a suggested installation.

You may also choose to install it yourself if you prefer not going through a professional!

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