Pointe d’Esny Le Village : An eco-friendly concept for a unique project in Mauritius

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Beyond the bounds of a high-quality real estate project, Pointe d’Esny Le Village is the promise of a comfortable and pleasant life by the sea, in the heart of unspoiled nature.

This sustainable real estate project of the Compagnie de Beau Vallon Limited (CBVL) is a jewel waiting to be discovered within five minutes from Mahebourg and Blue Bay beach, on the South-East coast of the island. The first phase of the project comprises 175 residential units – available as from Rs 6.9 million to Mauritians and foreigners – as well as serviced plots and forms an integral part of a PDS (Property Development Scheme). At its heart stands the green lung of the project: natural wetlands which will be restored and preserved. With several amenities nearby, such as the Beach Club leading to one of the most beautiful lagoons on the island; the kindergarten and primary school to come; the convenience store, cafes and restaurants, this little piece of heaven will soon become a living reality… A comfortable and modern neighbourhood in a natural and protected environment.

Restoration of the Pointe d’Esny wetlands

A wetland fulfils a number of essential ecological functions in our ecosystem: it helps to regulate floods, harbours vegetation which can combat coastal and riverbank erosion, and acts as a filter to prevent contamination of the ocean and groundwater.

Acknowledging the importance of wetlands, CBVL has decided to go the extra mile for the protection of the environment… While the law prescribes to respect a buffer zone of 30 metres, CBVL has included wider zones in several areas within the project. Dedicated to consolidating these wetlands, the group will create a protected area at the heart of Pointe d’Esny Le Village. In so doing, the area of wetlands and buffer zones has considerably increased: the project offers a total of 148,380 m2 for a single green area.

At present, the wetlands of Pointe d’Esny Le Village includes large areas covered by invasive exotic plants. As part of CBVL’s restoration plan, and in order to re-create the natural ecosystem, undesirable species shall be removed to begin with, and then be replaced by endemic and indigenous plants which are compatible with the coastal climate of Pointe d’Esny: for instance, the Bois d’Olive, Bois Boeuf, Bois d’Ebène, Vacoas, Bois de Reinette, Baume de l’île plate, or the Colophane Bâtard, to name a few... CBVL has been undertaking real in-depth work, so as to obtain better results by working in close collaboration with biodiversity experts.

Recreating this endemic coastal vegetation will generate ecological corridors between Ile aux Aigrettes, the Ramsar area of Pointe d’Esny, the wetlands of the project from Pointe d’Esny The Village and the dune of La Cambuse. This will be beneficial to bird habitats and help their repopulation.

A real ecological challenge

CBVL is convinced that an environmentally friendly development is crucial to fight against accelerating global warming. Therefore, the company is committed to creating an “ecolonomy”, that is a synergy between the economic growth of this project and ecology, in order to become a reference in Mauritius when it comes to the protection of local biodiversity.

In addition to the restoration of wetlands, for a greener island, CBVL has many other initiatives within the Pointe d’Esny Le Village project. Among them, a water treatment plant, a rainwater recovery system, waste sorting, or the use of photovoltaic panels and the enhancement of natural ventilation through architecture.

Ready to settle in an eco-friendly village, blending tropical nature, a pristine beach, a turquoise lagoon, and amenities designed for a comfortable lifestyle? The construction works of Pointe d’Esny Le Village will begin in the second quarter of 2020!


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