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Invest in Port Chambly Vacation Club and travel the world :

- Property investment (not time share) as from Rs 2.3 million
- Units readily available
- Shared ownership providing 4 to 6 weeks usage per year
- Exchange facilities across 2,600 resorts
- Residences fully serviced by the hotel

Buyers own a share of the freehold of a property which entitles them to a number of weeks’ use and associated benefits. Maintenance costs are split between buyers and we also now offer the opportunity to swap some of your allocated time through a fractional luxury exchange network.

The benefits of this form of ownership includes:

• Cost conscious and intelligent approach for investing in resort locations without tying up large sums of capital,

• Unlike Timeshare where people buy a right to use, the buyer has the security of owning a part of the property which he can re-sell in the future with capital growth,

• Buyers in resort locations never use their property all year around. Via this form of ownership, they have the perfect solution combining usage rights, future capital growth and reduced maintenance costs,

• More affordable ownership in exclusive locations at a minimal outlay and maximum benefit.

• Hassle free maintenance as it will be handled by a management company.

• Buyers can sell their share in the property at the property’s current market value anytime.

The Residences and ownership options

Port Chambly Vacation Club consists of 4 luxuriously furnished star villas of 252 m² each (3 bedrooms), 1 three bedroom residence of 157 m² and 6 two bedroom residences of 100 m² each for sale only to Mauritian Passport Holders and 10 RES 2 to 3 bedroom residences (ranging from 145 m² to 179 m²) which can be sold to either Mauritian or foreigners within private grounds of Port Chambly Resort.

Owner’s Benefits

Port Chambly Vacation Club is affiliated to Interval International so each owner within the scheme will benefit from Club Interval Gold memberships status. Interval International’s vacation exchange network includes more than 2,600 resorts and nearly 2 million member families worldwide. The company has been at the forefront of the shared ownership industry, maintaining the highest standards of excellence, since 1976.

More info : http://www.portchambly.com/

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