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Mauritius has secured a good reputation worldwide for its soothing landscapes as well as owing to the other indisputable assets it holds. Expatriates and investors looking for a safe acquisition in a dynamic setting will find it all. Leveraging on its exquisite lifestyle, a constantly-improving environment and an advantageous tax system, Mauritius has undoubtedly positioned itself as an attractive destination on the international level.

Top-notch tax incentives

The prevailing trends are now a reality: over the years, the Mauritian real estate sector has become a sound long-term investment opportunity for foreign investors and expatriates alike.

A property acquisition above USD 500 000 not only comes along with the residence permit for the investor and his/her family, but it also accommodates security measures when it comes to diversifying your asset portfolio. Altogether, it is an advantageous venue for inheritance planning, encompassing capital appreciation, and no estate taxes and taxes on capital gain.

Some residential projects appertain to unique acquisition opportunities: residences on a golf course or in a well sought-after region, freehold plots of land facing the ocean… They are a windfall as the market for properties in such exclusive settings is getting scarcer. In the thrust to propose an outstanding offer, several estates have endorsed the Luxury Estates Mauritius label. Hence, Anahita Mauritius, La Balise Marina, Azuri Ocean & Golf Village and Mont Choisy Golf & Beach Estate now showcase their enduring and planned development policy, combined with upheld services for an optimised use of their lands. An excellent investment for every owner!

Anahita Mauritius, a real estate success story

Anahita Mauritius sets the example as an East coast’s gem. With its 213-hectare estate hosting an 18-hole golf course, premium villas and residences as well as high-end hotel services, it marvellously blends a preserved lush natural environment and utmost intimacy.

Alexandre Gellé, Head of Sales at Anahita Mauritius, underlines:

"Our surveys show that resales yield an average capital gain of 30% for villas (34 to date) and 10% for apartments and adjoining residences (22 resales). We have also observed that some specific villas have yielded some relatively high capital gains at Anahita, that is, above 40% for 9 of the 34 resold villas until now."

Live, work, play…

As for the Mauritian government, it has implemented several tax measures to boost investment from foreign nationals, allowing them to diversify their financial assets and even choosing to settle here. Some of the key endeavours include no tax on dividends, capital gains and estate costs, as well as a fixed 15% tax rate for all residents of the country.

Thanks to its buoyant business sector and unique lifestyle, the island is also praised as a fruitful destination. It is in fact well ranked on the international level such as: the Mo Ibrahim Index for African Governance, the World Bank’s Doing Business report, and the World Economic Forum’s competitive report.

Strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, the country has become a major hub for business relocation for such benefits as: a low time difference with these continents, a bilingual workforce (French and English), a favourable tax framework for companies, and a stable financial ecosystem. Together, they position Mauritius as an accomplished offshore platform on the international level.

Amidst a complex economic context, real estate remains a safe investment–mostly for in such destinations known for their long-term stability and when dealing with developers and projects with a history of reliability.



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