Why invest in Mauritius?

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In an increasingly competitive international real estate market, and despite the Covid-19 global pandemic, Mauritius continues to attract buyers looking for a profitable investment. The Luxury Estates Mauritius collective sets out the main benefits of investing in the island nation.

©Azuri Ocean & Golf Village

A welcoming country

Mauritius is attractive first and foremost because of its natural beauty and its friendly and welcoming people. It also boasts good-quality infrastructure, a stable political environment, a well-developed economy and flight connections to destinations around the world. Thanks to these attributes, the country has attracted 35,000 expatriates and a growing number of international investors. The Premium Visa, launched in October, grants a renewable one-year residence permit to foreigners. It should also encourage an increase in the number of expatriates in the country.

© Anahita Mauritius

A secure legal framework

The Mauritian government has created a number of legal frameworks specifically to attract foreign investment – namely PDS and Smart City Scheme when it comes to real estate. These offer buyers an attractive purchasing proposition that in some cases includes a Mauritian residence permit. Smart Cities in particular are intended to be mixed-use developments that reflect investor demand for “Live, Work, and Play” concepts. The Mont Choisy Golf & Beach Estate in the North of Mauritius, developed under this scheme, offers its inhabitants an environment that is both enjoyable and functional. Finally, it’s worth noting that buyers are protected by the Mauritian Civil Code when purchasing property off-plan, known as VEFA (“Vente en l’État Futur d’achèvement”) in Mauritius.

©Heritage Villas Valriche

Exclusive real estate opportunities

Though increasingly rare, Mauritius still offers exceptional real estate opportunities that are also excellent investments. Whether you’d prefer a villa in a private marina or on freehold property by the sea, a golf course in front of your home, as in Heritage Villas Valriche, incredible views of the island’s mountainous heart or a veranda nestled amid lush tropical foliage, you’ll find these and more within some of Mauritius’ exceptional residential estates.

©Mont Choisy Beach & Golf Estate

Promising property valuations

These exceptional estates also offer real value-added. They offer both immediate benefits and the potential for a tenfold rise in value in the long term – particularly given Mauritius’ small size. As a result, the gains on resales are world-beating. For instance, Azuri Ocean & Golf Village and Anahita Mauritius have seen a 30 to 50% rise in the resale value of certain residential units. It’s enough to convince any buyer hoping to build upon their financial heritage.

Real cultural affinities

As an island with a rich and varied heritage, Mauritius enjoys socio-cultural links with a large number of different countries. Its robust social and economic connections with countries ranging from France and South Africa to India and the United Kingdom, alongside its storied, multicultural history, make it a nation in which everyone feels welcome, understood and respected. A quality that few other countries can boast of!

A collection of luxurious properties

The Luxury Estates Mauritius collective was created in 2019 to market Mauritius’ most exclusive properties: Anahita Mauritius, Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, Heritage Villas Valriche and Mont Choisy Golf & Beach Estate. Thanks to desirable selling points including golf courses, direct access to the sea and freehold land in unspoiled tropical surroundings, the estates are set apart by the quality of their real estate offer and the full range of services they provide. Discover their portfolio on luxuryestatesmauritius.com.

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