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How Moka, once a village surrounded by cane fields, has become one of the most popular regions of Mauritius? This is a question which we have attempted to answer. Visit in the heart of the island...

A bit of history…

Moka is the name given to a locality of the district with the same name, which was inspired by the coffee of ’Moch-a’ (Moka) which was introduced and cultivated in this area in the early years of the French occupation.

Moka and its illustrious visitors

In the past, Moka has welcomed Mahatma Gandhi on 30 October 1991. The house in which he stayed was located in Camp Samy, in the vicinity of Moka Hospital. The Shah of Iran has also stayed at Moka, more precisely at the Château de Val Ory, after its abdication in 1941.

Moka, the central point of Mauritius

Moka, the central point of Mauritius

The village is located on the other side of the Moka chain that separates Mauritius from the northeast to the southwest. Its climate makes it a coveted region. Indeed, since the east winds are dominant, the city, located in altitude, enjoys a cooler temperature than the northern and western coasts. There are 14 Village Council Areas in the district of Moka, amongst which St Pierre, Dagotière, L’Avenir, Sebastopol, Dubreuil and Camp Thorel.

The transformation of Moka

Previously, Moka was associated with the Subramaniam Bharati Eye Hospital, better known as the Moka Hospital, the island’s only ophthalmological hospital. Today, other images related to Moka come to our mind: the region has developed in a pleasant way due to a real urban plan.

Another contributing factor to this property business was the fact that since Mauritius has stop to benefit from preferential prices for its sugar by the European Community and World Trade Organization, sugar estates quickly started real estate business units that would convert the land under sugar cane culture to residential lands, particularly in the 2000s.

The Vivéa Business Park is situated in the the old sugar estate Mon-Désert Alma

It is precisely in an old sugar factory, in this case the former Mon-Desert Alma sugar factory (built in 1827 and closed in 2007), which was converted into a business park, that Vivéa Business Park is situated.

Major real estate projects

Moka experienced a real estate development boom with the arrival of Bagatelle Mall, one of the largest shopping centres in Mauritius. This modern compound of shops has revitalized the commercial activity and the life of the neighbourhood. Today, the Bagatelle Mall is the key destination of the Indian Ocean for shopping and recreation.

The Bagatelle Mall

Voilà Bagatelle, a three star hotel is situated just near the Mall. This hotel is ideal for a business trip as it is located just 10 km from Port Louis and a short distance from Ébène.

Voilà Bagatelle

Other big real estate projects have contributed to the further changes of Moka, as the Bagatelle Office Park, the morcellement the Bagatelle or Les Allées d’Helvetia, a residential complex with duplexes and apartments combining modernity and comfort for everyday pleasure.

All these major real estate projects have changed the face of Moka and have increase the aesthetic level of the region. Moka is still developing: new housing and commercial complexes will soon emerge from the ground. On the other hand, some institutions have lost vitality because of their shabby buildings, such as the police station and the Moka District Court. Nevertheless, the real estate sector is still booming in Moka.

Moka, a suitable place for education?

Is it the pleasant climate of Moka that encourages some of the best schools to settle there? Indeed, private education has grown in this region, home to Le Bocage, the École du Centre, Clavis Elementary School and the Charles Telfair Institute. Further on, in St Pierre, we find the very famous Loreto College, a public institution reserved for girls and also the MGI secondary school located at the entrance of Moka.


Interesting places to visit in Moka

Eureka, la maison créole

Eureka is the ideal place to enjoy the inland beauty of Mauritius. A visit inside this creole house takes you back to the Mauritian colonial life style in the past century. At that period, it belonged to the famous writer Le Clézio.


A visit to the museum allows to discover the various rooms evoking the old days with its magnificent furniture and authentic decoration. Antique dining room, vintage piano, vintage piano, finely hand painted chinaware, canopy bed, phonograph, bathtub carved in one piece of marble, old photographs or artistically sculpted cupboards - all these objects transport the visitors in the colonial life of Mauritius. Eureka is a piece of history, from the time when sugar cane barons still lived here...

The Pieter Both mountain

Pieter Both, second highest mountain of Mauritius at 820 metres tall, is located in the Moka Range. Named after Pieter Both, the first Governor General of the Dutch East Indies, the notable feature of this mountain is the gigantic rock formation at the very top of it, which resembles a human head. Two legends are associated with this mountain.

Pieter Both

The first relates that an English author would have asserted that as long as this rock remained on the mountain, the British would continue to occupy the island. A story that, as you can see today, turned out to be false - though romantic!

The second legend relates the story of a milkman. On his way to La Laura village, he stumbled up upon a group of fairies who were dancing. The fairies told him he could come and watch their dance but he had to make sure he never talked about it. Alas! He finally revealed everything to the inhabitants of his village. The fairies were furious. The head of the milkman swelled and went to the top of the Pieter Both mountain.

The Domaine de l’Étoile

This natural palace represents the immeasurable beauty of its landscapes and its panoramas which offer a new-fangled view of the island… you will soon be seduced by the beauty of this former sugar estate located in Sebastopol.

Discover Moka through sport

Moka attracts nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, with the annual Moka Trail - the 4th edition which took place on 1st October 2016. This year, the Moka Trail proposes three courses of 6 km, 15 km and 30 km to participants. This sporting event, a unique invitation to discover the unspoilt nature in the heart of the island, is a real opportunity from visitors to know more about historical places often unknown to the general public.

Where to have a snack in Moka?

Besides the restaurant of the Maison creole Eureka, you can also taste the delicious dishes served in Salaam Bombay, located at rue Royale Telfair, as well as the numerous gourmet addresses of the Bagatelle Food Court. L’Escale Creole at Route Bois Chéri is another restaurant which attracts people in Moka.

The food court of Bagatelle Mall

Moka, the village nestled against its row of mountains, has completely changed, according to its own inhabitants: « Avan saret bef ti pe vinn kit Komisyon kot nu. Aster nu ena enn gran sant komersyal »…(Long ago ox carts were bringing food at our place. Now we have at our disposal a big shopping centre).

From now on, Moka offers a new face and intends to continue to embellish over the years to become the favourite region of the Mauritians!

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