This Mauritian Island’s region generates strong tourist affluence for its seaside. There, you shall discover a particular pace of living in coastal villages or sugar estates and by mingling with the most welcoming locals. The north of the island is full of different aspects. Discover large and luxurious sugar fields, old mills as well as sugar factories proper to Mauritius. If you go further in the region, you may come across a Hindu wedding being celebrated in the most traditional way. By travelling along the northern roads, you shall encounter several temples, churches and other religious vestiges that you may visit. Different monuments and historical sites are found in the north of Mauritius Island. Museums or ruins, immerge yourself in the vintage part of the island. Further in the region, you will reach the coastal area. Swimming, sunbathing, scuba-diving and even shopping, activities are numerous.

The northern villages are calm at night but those seeking nightlife will like Grand-Baie, where people party till dawn. The region’s recent development entailed the building of shopping centres and many restaurants, placing the northern area as one of the most visited area of Mauritius Island.

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