The south of Mauritius, where everything began, is the most authentic region of the island. It is a place full of history, since it is there where the Dutch explorers set foot on Mauritius! This region, cradle of Mauritius history, hosts many ruins from the different events which marked colonisation. During summer, it is the coolest coastal region where to live. In this restful and quiet place, discover Pointe d’Esny with its blue lagoon or Blue Bay, the most beautiful marine site of the island. Further, take a look at Riambel with its spacious houses by the sea. Between countryside and sea, the southern region also reveals Souillac and Le Bouchon.

Preserved and picturesque, the South of Mauritius is inhabited by welcoming and warm people. A calm and peaceful prevails and traditions are preserved. The natural and luxurious panoramas are key elements of the southern area, placing the region as one of the most suitable for relaxation and for a return to the roots. Typical restaurants offering traditional Mauritian dishes await you. Far from the noise and the agitation of the rest of the island, the south of Mauritius Island represents a peaceful haven.

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