CNN "Inside Africa": The Mauritian real estate sector in the spotlight!

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A documentary recounting the natural beauty of the Mauritian landscape... Overview on this episode of "Inside Africa", where CNN highlighted the real industry with the journey of three business leaders.

Entitled "On the island paradise of Mauritius, real estate is booming", the report, broadcasted on the 31st of July and on the 1st of August, positions Mauritius as a booming country. Local professionals, including Jyoti Jeetun, CEO of the group Mont Choisy, Kevin Sew, Associate Director & Architect of HODESCO, and Vikram Bhujun, Managing Director of Pro-design Engineering Consultants Ltd, expressed their views.

While the career of Kevin Sew expresses his fascination for hotel architecture and his passion for innovation, that of Vikram Bhunjun is depicted by the importance of continuous training in order to bring the latest advances to the Mauritian market. The latter also mentions the importance of technology in this sector. Thanks to virtual reality, a client is able to discover his future property even before the start of construction… A great deal for potential investors. For her part, the CEO of the Mont Choisy group, Jyoti Jeetun, will have captivated the public by the presentation of the beauty of the landscape and the golf course of Mont Choisy Le Golf, while sharing her atypical summary.

In addition to their career, the interviewees were able to showcase the Mauritian real estate on the international scene, both in terms of construction, architecture and of reliability of services. If the natural assets of the island, such as the white sand beaches seduce, today the real interest of the foreign investors rests on the capacity of the stakeholders of this sector to put forward attractive projects focusing on the quality-price ratio, along with the advantages offered by the country.

Produced by CNN, “Inside Africa” is a documentary of about thirty minutes revealing the various developments in which the speakers are participating while highlighting the know-how of these people. As for Mauritius, it is portrayed as the ideal destination to settle. They mention: "the attractive real estate market of Mauritius has become the main driver of foreign direct investment, contributing between 60 and 70 % per year, thus providing opportunities for SMEs."

This vivid desire of investors emerged thanks to the hard work of architects, engineers and developers who are the main contributors to the growth of the Mauritian real estate market.