Dream house-ideals according to the French

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It is the precise sketch drawn by Century 21 every 5 years. That of a Frenchman - or woman’s ideal house. 3600 persons have been interviewed to illustrate evolving considerations.

This study demonstrates a real estate trend which is fine-tuned at each new survey. Welcome to a calm and practical, luminous and warm, yet secure home.

Individuality comes first

71% of the French prefer individual housing, denoting a 13% raise as compared to the 2011 survey. In the same line of thought, families truly value the the individual bedroom for each child as a priority, towering over the idea of a garden or even of neighboring green areas. But beware: if they think in larger dimensions, they do not necessarily have a taste for excess. Their dream house is more similar to a cocoon than a castle.

Priceless criteria

A property’s most sought-after asset? Calm! It even goes as far as to dethrone the price of the immovable property- which was, up to now, the leading criteria considered by the French in terms of purchase. The agency’s survey also points out a strong propension to invest in the safety of the chosen property. Indeed, they are 20% to think about security devices, against only 4% at the former survey.

Practical buildings

They are 38,4% to prefer a bungalow over a house - whether in town or in a village- to be reasonable. Multiple levels are none the more popular, with only 5% of the survey participants who would wish for a 2-storey house.

From “plus” to “must”

The greatest surprise of this survey is the garage, which makes a bold entrance! 62% of the French think that it is an indispensable equipment to the house, against only 21% at the last survey. A resounding success, even if it is still overshadowed on the priority list by the house’s luminosity.

The value these numbers carry is far more than a simple percentage. They are indeed quite telling hints of constantly evolving desires and life philosophy, revealing a need for space and individuality in a safe environment.
Source : http://immobilier.lefigaro.fr/