Mauritius attracts foreign retirees

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61rst over 194 countries. It is the place obtained by Mauritius in the ranking of countries where it feels good to live. What attract the foreigners are the Business Facilitation Act and the climate.

A new ranking of countries with an agreeable lifestyle appeared. Established by the American magazine International Living, this year, Mauritius is ranked 61rst over 194 countries. With 63 points on 100, our island is ranked third among the African countries with a pleasant lifestyle, behind South Africa and Namibia. The ranking which defines the best lifestyle, evaluate the countries according to different criteria: the cost of living, leisure activities, the economy, the environment, freedom, health, infrastructure, risk and security, and finally the climate. In March, another ranking on the cost of living ranked Port-Louis as first African town among the best world towns. This ranking entitled the “Mercer” investigation is carried out according to specific criteria such as infrastructures and supply, electricity provision, water availability, public transport, among others.
On the Mauritian field, investigations are confirmed. Our island attracts foreign retirees for several reasons. To start with the Business Facilitation Act implemented in 2006 which brought many tax advantages. A lightering which opens the Mauritian destination to a greater investors panel but also to retires. From October 2006 to March 2009, 350 resident permits have been allocated to foreign retirees according to the Board of Investment (BOI). The BOI underlines that this amount increased and that among the established foreign retirees, the highest number comes from France.

“More French People”

In 2008, 29,9% of the registered French expatriates were more than 60-years-old. For Michel Escure, French retiree living in Mauritius since five years, choosing our island to spend happy days was not difficult. “My wife is Mauritian, thus, we are attached to the country due to the family but the Mauritian kindness and warm welcome seduced us”. He explained.
He admits to have travelled in different islands, namely to the Antilles and to Reunion island, but Mauritian offers more advantages. “The climate of course, but it’s also a bilingual country. We are from kilometres of our home but if it’s close to our culture, we feel at ease.” Says Michel.
A favourable climate, a bilingual country but also a cost of living lesser than those of other countries.
This year, Mauritian won two points of the ranking established by the International Living. Among the most valued criteria, we find risk and security (93 points), freedom (92 points), environment (74 points) and even health (72 points). Climate and economy are the criteria collecting the fewer amounts of points with 42 and 47 points respectively