Morcellement Agricole Le Val: In pursuit of green gold

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Amidst the lush greenery of the South-East of the island sits the agricultural morcellement Le Val. Nestled at the foot of the mountains, this project developed by Compagnie de Beau Vallon Ltée (CBVL), is bordered by the Eau Bleue river and its basins. This breathtaking landscape is located only ten minutes away from Rose-Belle and 15 minutes from the motorway.

This interesting investment opportunity will be available very soon… and is a safe bet for individual buyers or even companies. Indeed, these agricultural lands—accessible through the villages of Saint Hubert and Saint Hilaire— will also please those who wish to own land in a green region, close to unspoiled nature.

A refreshing setting

The agricultural morcellement Le Val has 118 lots, spreading over a total area of ​​130 acres, with an average area of ​​1 acre per lot. These flat lands, initially designed for the cultivation of sugar cane, are perfectly suited for agriculture.

Located in a region where it rains abundantly, the agricultural morcellement Le Val is a quiet haven, with all the conditions for a rich land, and fertile soil.

Ideally situated by the road to Saint Hubert, the project also benefits from surrounding assets, such as networks for water and electricity. Future owners will therefore be able to get connected after having made a request to the CWA and the CEB.

A knowledgeable developer

The CBVL, a major stakeholder in the Mauritian economy, has been incorporated for a century now. With seasoned expertise after all these years, the company is today positioned as the most important landowner in the south-eastern region. Through this project, the promoter offers a large cultivable land with high potential for profitability.

Divided into different clusters (including agriculture, hotels, corporate services and real estate), the company is revitalising this region of the island. Thanks to a strategic development plan, the South-East is developing in a harmonious and controlled manner.

A breath of fresh air in the heart of an exceptional natural environment, but also a safe investment by a trusted promoter… This is what the agricultural morcellement Le Val guarantees.