Square Meters: Investing in the heart of Bois Chéri

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Specialising in property development, Square Meters real estate agency qualifies as an out of the box organisation. It offers great living environments, which exceeds expectations of investors and clients.
In addition to residential property, the company also puts forth agricultural land, intended for Mauritians. This venture involves the Tea Route. Indeed, the agency offers agricultural land far from the clamor of the city, with a breathtaking view of the mountains of Kanaka and Bois Sec.

Labelled Darling Woods, this project is an agricultural subdivision offering lots between 2,100 to 3,500 m2 for an all-inclusive price from Rs 1.2M to Rs 1.8M. Darling Woods has been carefully considered to allow reasonable cash outlay to the buyer.
“It is an extremely safe investment in these difficult times, especially when the value of the rupee has collapsed by 25% in one year… Or where savings rates, offered by banks, are historically low—at 0.25% per year. In the economic history of the world, unbuilt land has always been a safe haven. This type of investment is highly regarded till this day, against all odds, and thus constitutes a safety net for savings” confides Edouard Hart de Keating, director of the agency.

While phase 1 of this agricultural marketing was a great success, Square Meters is now preparing for the launch of the second and final phase.

We are very happy with the result of this project. We create, control and orchestrate the development process from start to finish, with unusual energy, enthusiasm and a totally dedicated team”, concludes our interlocutor.

Over the past twelve years, Square Meters has built a reputation that has endured thanks to its professionalism and its solid and growing portfolio of clients in various segments of the real estate industry.