Workspaces reinvent themselves

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Things are moving in the Mauritian real estate sector. After stagnating for years, office environments are changing in order to encourage exchanges between employees and offer them flexibility.

Today, designers compete with each other to create ever more innovative workspaces. A real plus for employees, who spend a significant part of their daily lives!

Ecology continues to thrive

The emphasis is put on ecology with green buildings. Its advantages: ecology rhymes with economy; greener image and improved employee morale. Regarding energy savings, the building of The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd., at the roundabout of St Jean, is an example to follow.

The MCB of St Jean

This architectural and ecological jewel uses 32% less energy than a conventional building.

Open and collaborative spaces, but...

Open and collaborative spaces

In modern offices, spaces are opened and employees collaborate in informal areas. The work goes beyond the building and the structures have to adapt. Here, we especially think of the Google offices with employees sitting on the floor or even sliding on a slide to go down to the cafeteria! These offices are designed for Generation Y with ever more demanding and connected young people.

Googleplex, Google’s headquarters

However, open-plan offices do not fit to all employees: lack of privacy and surrounding noise are the main disadvantages of this type of office. They are not suitable for all jobs, especially those requiring a high level of concentration.

Offices without offices, the new trend

It is proven that sitting is harmful to your health. And yet, we spend all our days sitting behind our computers! It is to fight this problem that more and more companies are proposing to their employees a zone equipped to work standing, with adapted furniture.

It’s ideal to work in a standing position

Finally, the latest trend in office furniture is... no more office space! Employees move throughout the day and work wherever they want in the many workspaces at their disposal.

Feel at home in the office

Despite all these changes in the office spaces, the human being must therefore remain at the centre of the concerns, since it is not the furniture that does the work in the place of the employees...
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