Zoom on skyscrapers which will make newspaper headlines in 2017!

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To read this article, you should better not suffer from vertigo! Indeed, let’s discover together the skyscrapers that will dominate the real estate market news in 2017! Just for once, the tallest buildings will be found mainly in China, like the Tower China Resources, which will take its quarters in Nanning, city located in the south-east of the country.

View of drone from La Tour China Resources under construction

This skyscraper, which will culminate at 445 meters, will open its doors in 2019 and will house apartments, offices and shops.

Here is the Suzhou IFS, a 450-meter high skyscraper, also nicknamed the Suzhou Supertower.

The Suzhou IFS

The tower, built in 2012, will be inaugurated in 2017. The top of the skyscraper is reminiscent of a fish symbol of prosperity in the country.

Two other skyscrapers will soon be built in China. It is the China Zun of Pekin, which will culminate at 528 meters. The shape resembles that of the traditional zun, an alcohol container used by the Chinese during official ritual ceremonies. Once completed in 2018, China Zun will host offices on 108 floors and will be the tallest tower in Pekin

China Zun of Pekin

Below we present the CTF Financial Center in Tianjin. It will culminate at 530 meters high. The skyscraper, which will be inaugurated next year, resembles a rocket ready to take off ...

A tower similar to a rocket!

This bold form was designed by the Skidmore, Owing and Merril who owes the Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest tower located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

With a height of 568 meters, the tower of Shenyang Global Financial Center will open in 2018. It will house offices and housing in Shenyang, one of the major industrial cities of China.

Shenyang Global Financial Center

Some already nicknamed the Pearl of the North because of the ball encrusted at its top.

Did you know ? The number 8 is synonymous with happiness in China. It is therefore not surprising that the 631-meter-high Greenland Center in Wuhan will have 88 floors! The construction of this huge tower will end this year.

Wuhan Greenland Center

Like China, Vietnam is aiming high with the Landmark 81 in Ho Chi Minh City, which will culminate at 461 meters.

Vietnam’s tallest skyscraper

Indeed, this tower, scheduled to open in 2018, will be the highest in the country and will far exceed the Intercontinental Landmark 72 Hotel in Hanoi with its 115 meters!

Concerning the highest skyscrapers in the world, the Asian continent is leading the dance!

Direction now India. This year we will find the World One, and its 442 meters high in Mumba. Located in a set of three towers, this tower will have balconies on all floors ... So it is not recommended to those who suffer from vertigo.

The World One, Mumbai

Dubai is preparing to build a new tower in its already well-stocked skyscraper. After the construction of its neighbor Marina 101, the Marina 106 - a residential tower of 442 dwellings spread over 104 floors - will culminate slightly above, at 445 meters.

The tower Marina 106

What about Europe? The old continent must be satisfied with a single new skyscraper, baptized the center Lakhta and located in St. Petersburg (Russia).

The Lakhta Centre

This building, which will serve as headquarters for the Gazprom Group, will be inaugurated in 2018.

Do you think that Mauritius will soon see the construction of a huge skyscraper like these?

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