Creativity, the driving force behind the Smart City of Beau Plan

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By placing creativity at the heart of Beau Plan’s development, Novaterra aspires to revolutionise the art of living in the North of Mauritius… but also enhance its economic status by placing a strategic landmark at the gateway of a region that has been attracting an increasing number of people and businesses. We shine a spotlight on an ambitious real estate project with great potential.

The North reinvents itself

The vibrant region of Grand Bay, whose development has largely been driven by tourism, is continuing its relentless transformation following the construction of the Northern highway. Today, Grand Bay attracts numerous locals and expats in quest of an enhanced quality of life: practical, vibrant, multicultural, and only a stone’s throw away from the sea. It is no surprise that Grand Bay has become the holy grail for property developers, especially given its ever-growing attractiveness. While most developers focus their investments on coastal areas, others — like Novaterra— have made the strategic decision of venturing inland. A wise choice, based on its ideal location, halfway between the commercial and professional hubs of Riche Terre and Grand Bay. As a matter of fact, the district of Pamplemousses is a busy, vibrant area benefiting from its close proximity to Mapou’s international schools, direct access to the Terre Rouge-Verdun highway and to the capital, and the multitude of amenities that were developed to promote tourism in and around Balaclava and Grand Bay. In the heart of this region, a significant portion of the and, dedicated to sugarcane cultivation, is owned and managed by Terra. Driven by a desire to strengthen its natural heritage, the Group has successfully implemented a number of real estate projects: initially, through its entity Sagiterra, and more recently under the aegis of Novaterra, its real estate division founded in 2016. Its portfolio includes residential developments like ‘Le Domaine de Belle Vue’ and ‘Bon Espoir,’ but also Beau Plan Business Park, Greencoast School and L’Aventure du Sucre. These projects, which serve as a testament to Novaterra’s expertise, offer a glimpse of its capabilities and requisites, both in terms of construction and land management.

The developer brings together a passionate team of experts to devise its concepts, carry out their implementation and manage real estate projects. In its ambition to build a better world for future generations, Novaterra places its core values —respect, integrity and innovation — at the heart of all its undertakings. Its belief is that Beau Plan can only thrive by meeting the market’s expectations and the desires of its current and future inhabitants.

The Smart City of Beau Plan was conceived to fulfil this very vision. Having obtained its Smart City Certificate from the Economic Development Board of Mauritius in November 2018,—making it the first Smart City of the North—the developer is determined to achieve its objective: that of creating opportunities and bringing forth a new alternative for those who seem deterred by the lack of urban planning in the area. In response, Novaterra through its project in Beau Plan, will create a host of economic opportunities whilst allowing its current residents to play an active role in its growth.

Enhancing lives and celebrating creativity

As a strong advocate for progressive and sustainable development, Novaterra envisions Beau Plan as a modern and creative environment that meets the actual needs and expectations of its inhabitants and workers. Here, residential and commercial spaces, offices, educational institutions and recreational areas coexist—all at the heart of an exceptional natural heritage where century-old trees, orchards and vestiges of the industrial era blend seamlessly.

Novaterra devised its master plan under the guidance of South African urban planner, Nathan Iyer, who is passionate about designing places that foster integration, a sense of connectedness and community-living. Beau Plan was conceived in a way that allows for its inhabitants to reclaim their city, through a human-scale environment that encourages interaction and a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. This is when living, working and playing converge in balanced harmony. Beau Plan seeks to distinguish itself by making soft mobility a cornerstone of the Smart City. With lower density, better connectivity, and a seamless integration of the city with its natural surroundings (30% of the project will be dedicated to green spaces), Beau Plan can continue building on its legacy and retain the region’s authentic cachet and soul.

Yet another differentiating pillar of this project is its creative positioning. The notion of a “creative city”, which is an application of the creative economy at a regional scale, has become a proven lever for urban development as illustrated by the culture-led regeneration of cities like Manchester, Liverpool or Le Cap—all members of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. Today, it is an indisputable fact that arts and culture play a vital role in the development of societies and cities; they are powerful drivers of sustainable development and economic growth, and strengthen social cohesion, community wellbeing and intercultural dialogue.
Beau Plan has fully embedded this philosophy into its development, positioning itself as a creative force for its residents, workers and neighbouring populations. Its Creative Park, sprawled over 5 hectares, boasts a hybrid space, the Workshop—which hosts various artistic workshops—shops, meeting places and inspiring creative spaces, all within walking distance of l’Aventure du Sucre. Its development
will progress over several phases and will encompass different parts of the city. Its creative identity will also trickle into its upcoming residential projects: their contemporary architecture and interior design will bear a distinctive artistic stamp.
Economically, Beau Plans aspires to become the new cultural and business hub of the region:

  • The city will be positioned as ‘the place to be’ for all creative companies on the island. With this in mind, the creation of a media district is expected to attract talented international artists, with the aim of nurturing new capabilities in Mauritius and upskilling our workforce for the cultural jobs of tomorrow. At the same time, this cements Mauritius’ position as a regional hub for new creative industries.
  • Its strategic position, only 15 minutes away from Port Louis and 25 minutes away from Ébène—two cities currently facing major urban challenges that are hindering their progress—will serve as a catalyst for the region’s economic growth by attracting companies of all sizes looking to settle in a convenient, accessible area. This is why Beau Plan is placing renewed focus on commercial developments and plans to build a business district with offices, a business hotel and a zone dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Redesigning the North

Over the long term, Beau Plan will incorporate no less than 1,700 residential units and 35,000 people living and working in the Smart City. But to achieve this goal, Terra must first disburse an initial investment of Rs 3.9 billion to build the city’s infrastructure from scratch: piping, lighting, parking, electricity, roundabouts… Its vision, which extends over 15 years, will put forward a complete offering, from business and residential facilities to commercial and leisure spaces; a design district, a media quarter, a zone dedicated to SMEs and another to Research & Development will also add to the offering; not to mention the showrooms located on the highway, opposite the upcoming terminal for the Metro Express, planned for completion during the second phase of development.

Beau Plan’s first development phase is centred around its lake. The idea is to breathe new life into the heart of the village, which will include a retail centre, offices, a senior residence and residential units— Mango Village, whose apartments and townhouses were made available for sale in June 2019.

This phase will be completed in 2021. The subsequent phases will hinge on the market’s appetite and the evolution of demand. Over the long term, Novaterra is keeping its options open about potential development opportunities. For instance, a natural corridor connecting Beau Plan to Balaclava and to the sea, or a golf course extending the city, are only a few examples of the projects being thought out to enhance Beau Plan’s existing offering, while remaining faithful to its core values.
Terra has, over the years, largely contributed to the North’s economic and social growth, particularly by generating employment in the region and implementing impactful CSR measures: poverty alleviation, the promotion of sport, arts and culture, and health initiatives, to only name a few. By developing the city of Beau Plan, Terra intends to continue pursuing inclusive development that will directly benefit the neighbouring villages: they will have access to solutions that foster their professional growth and a multitude of entertainment options.

Above all, Beau Plan positions itself as a driving force for social integration by virtue of its strong creative, artistic and cultural identity. As it carries out its master plan, Novaterra is on course to realise its ambition of reinventing lifestyles in the North, while transforming Beau Plan into one of the most coveted destinations of the island.

  1. Creativity, the driving force behind the Smart City of Beau Plan

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