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You won’t need to look any further: from nursery to university, taking into account middle and high school, Moka has every facility needed to accompany your children in their growth and development.


Specializing in the field of early childhood, the CTI Child Development Centre is open every day from Monday to Friday. The centre offers nursery and preschool services, as well as daycare services before and after school hours and during school holidays.

Another reliable option, the Ti pouce nursery, located in Vivéa Business Park, welcomes children as from three months of age. The premises have been entirely renovated and brought up to standards to host children in a warm and safe environment.

Preschool and Primary School

The Clavis International Primary School, founded in 1991, is located at the foot of the Mount Ory. It is a private English-speaking establishment that welcomes children aged 3 to 11.

Founded in 2014 for children aged 2 to 11, the Dukesbridge School makes use of an Australian curriculum that’s been adapted to the Mauritian context. Since its inception, the institution has evolved to include daycare services to its preschool and primary school sections.

At Les Petits Futés preschool, classes are held in French, while English is taught daily by teachers of whom it is the mother tongue. The school offers three years of kindergarten education (in French, known as “petite”, “moyenne” and “grande section”).

L’Ecole du Centre is a primary school located at the very heart of Moka. Classes are in French.

As for public institutions, the Moka Government School, located on Bois Chéri street, is also a long-established primary school establishment.

Middle School and High School

Operating since 1990, the Bocage International School provides an English-based education to boys and girls aged 11 to 19. The school belongs to the private sector.

The Collège Pierre Poivre is also a private institution, following for its part the French national curriculum, and was founded in 1991.

The Lycée des Mascareignes is a French high school offering to students the choice between General Studies or professionalizing courses in freshman year, and several branch options in senior year, namely: Economy and Sociology, Literary Studies, Scientific Studies, Management and Administration.

In the public sector, we can find the Loreto College Saint Pierre, a girls-only institution of which the official teaching language is English.

Tertiary education

The University of Mauritius, located in Réduit, has several departments prospective students can choose from, namely: Agriculture, Engineering; Information, Communication and Digital Technologies, Law and Management, Social Sciences.

The Charles Telfair Institute, for its part, offers several Bachelor opportunities, such as a Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Commerce, to name a few. The institution delivers diplomas from the notorious Curtin University, in Australia.

Last but not least, located at the heart of Moka, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute offers secondary and tertiary education courses coordinated by the University of British Columbia.

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