The United States to open new Embassy in Moka Smart City!

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It’s now official: the U.S. Embassy has signed on Thursday 13 August 2020 the deed of sales for the ownership of a 47,600m² commercial land plot in Moka Smart City. Let’s find out more about this investment which vows to support employment in the region and boost the local economy.

Located in Port Louis since 1968, the U.S. Embassy has just purchased a plot in the Bagatelle precinct of Moka Smart City, along the M1 motorway. The land is strategically situated close to Bagatelle Mall, and 20 mins to the capital and 10 mins to Ebene; it will host the Embassy’s new premises within the next four years. The multi-building complex will provide a modern, sustainable and secure space to carry out all its diplomatic missions and best serve US and Mauritian citizens.

The symbol of a long-term commitment
The purchase of this plot of land symbolises the permanence of the relationships between the USA and Mauritius. The U.S. Government is committed to consolidating its presence in the country and aims to invest more than $200 million to plan and build the new Embassy.

U.S. Ambassador David Reimer signing the deed of sale, alongside Hector Espitalier-Noël CEO of ENL Group

This is a really attractive investment for Mauritius, which is likely to support the country’s growth by creating new job opportunities and stimulating the local economy. “We are sending a strong message to the people of Mauritius through the purchase of this land, which reflects our long-term commitment to you. The USA and Mauritius have a strong economic and security partnership, and this new embassy provides an ideal platform to step up our cooperation,” says the U.S. Ambassador, David Reimer.

Bagatelle, a strategic investment
“We have been in discussions with the U.S. Embassy since 2014. During that time, its representatives have witnessed the growing popularity of Bagatelle and are confident that it is a sound investment: we share a common desire to build sustainable developments and create a long-term vision for the good of the country,” says ENL Property’s Business Development Director, Thierry Rey.

This decision confirms Bagatelle’s strategic location. This area in the heart of the island enjoys excellent road connectivity. The M1 motorway allows direct access while an extensive bus network services the entire island. Public access will be made easier with the construction of a bridge connecting the various areas in the Bagatelle precinct. The safety and security of investment and people provided was another powerful argument in convincing the U.S. Embassy to opt for Bagatelle. Moreover, its sustainable construction approach – which complies with strict architectural guidelines and international quality standards, while aiming to be more environmentally friendly – is an inherent aspect of Moka Smart City. This also appeals to those looking for an investment with interesting growth prospects.

Leveraging the strong appeal of the Smart City, Bagatelle has indeed become more attractive than ever. From the shopping mall to the Motor City, the area has been a favourite destination for Mauritians for years. This popularity is confirmed by the interest displayed by the growing number of companies looking to move into the neighbourhood.

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