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Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village is nestled between the iconic Tamarin Bay and Tourelle du Tamarin Mountain on the sunny west coast of Mauritius. This mixed-use development, launched in 2018, is the only one located in a coastal area and offers a serene and harmonious lifestyle with all the facilities of modern urban living. Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village is developed under the Smart City Scheme, an ambitious economic development programme launched in 2015 by the Economic Development Board to promote sustainable development, offer a quality lifestyle and consolidate Mauritius into a full-fledged international business and financial hub.

Key Figures of Cap Tamarin
● 44 hectares under development
● 3-hectare park along a river
● 15,000m² office space
● 3km pedestrian and cycle paths
● 1 primary school
● 1 clinic
● 25,000m² sports facilities
● 5,000m² hypermarket
● 11,000m² commercial space


Discover the Smart City of Cap Tamarin


Extending over 44 hectares on the west coast of Mauritius, Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village is connected to the rest of the country through a well-developed road network. Everyday conveniences like shopping centres, schools, a sports club, a clinic and the upcoming recreational park are also easily accessible from wherever you are in the city.

  • The legal framework allows local and foreign buyers to purchase freehold property in Mauritius.
  • It is the only scheme with no minimum investment value for foreigners.
  • Any non-citizen acquiring residential property for at least USD 375,000 (or its equivalent in any hard convertible foreign currency) may apply for a residence permit.
  • There is no restriction on the rental or resale of residential units.
  • Several fiscal and non-fiscal incentives are available to investors.

Diversity of residential options

Cap Tamarin offers a selection of housing alternatives ranging from low-density apartments to luxury villas through office spaces and commercial areas. There are options for all needs and budgets in mixed-use neighborhoods that redefine our lifestyles with greater convenience and warmth.

O'Patio comprises 72 trendy beach life apartments and is ideal for first-time buyers and small families. Villas A'loès, located near Tamarin River and next to École Paul et Virginie, is perfect for families. O'Barachois consists of high-end apartments next to Cap Tamarin Park, and L'Ofis is a mixed-use development comprising residential and commercial property.



  • We strive to find convenient solutions to achieve higher energy self-sufficiency.
  • Our household appliances hold A+ certification according to European standards.
  • The Cœur Cap Tamarin Centre uses a Property Management System to control cooling through a plant that supplies the entire complex.
  • Our domestic hot water production uses 100% solar energy.
  • We use an intelligent system with multi-speed fans and inverter air conditioners to optimise cooling production.
  • We apply the principles of bioclimatic architecture (natural cross-ventilation, green walls, etc.).


  • Water is a precious commodity in Mauritius, and our plants treat 100% of our wastewater, which is then used for watering gardens and roadside vegetation.
  • We will use the new rainwater collection system for irrigation.

Waste Management

  • Sorting bins are available at various locations in the village.


Cap Tamarin is fully embracing soft mobility. Residents and users are already taking full advantage of the pedestrian-friendly environment of Cœur Cap Tamarin and La Place Cap Tamarin. In the future, you can get around the entire city by bicycle or on foot.

In addition, many essential services will be accessible, including C-Care Clinic Cap Tamarin, the new C+S, the Super U hypermarket, various shops and businesses, as well as sports and leisure activities to make your everyday life even more enjoyable. The result is a vibrant city centre where everything from work to play is available all day long within walking distance.


École Paul et Virginie is a French curriculum school for children from preschool to primary education (CM2) that has existed since 2003. This not-for-profit corporation is a member of the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE) and is well-known in the region for its high-quality education.

The west coast is an ideal playground for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Cap Tamarin is a few minutes from the iconic surf spot of Tamarin Bay. Moreover, it is fifteen minutes from the Black River Gorges National Park, where you can enjoy a variety of hikes and trails. In addition, many nautical pursuits, including big-game fishing, kayaking, kitesurfing, surfing, boating and diving, and land activities like golf and biking, are available nearby.


The management of Riverland Sports Club has been entrusted to RM CLUB. Both teams have been working together since September 2022 to ensure this transition and the setting up of the new RM CLUB on the west coast. Riverland Sports Club already hosts several activities and four indoor padel courts have been installed on the new site.

RM CLUB will open by late 2023 in Cap Tamarin. This new facility will operate under the same concept as the initial one in Forbach, in the North. The first of its kind in Mauritius, this exclusive sports club will feature several specialised areas. Members will have access to quality equipment and experienced coaches.

RM CLUB Tamarin will offer sports and leisure activities like squash, tennis, padel, cardio training, bodybuilding, Fitness with Les Mills courses, and spinning... In addition to a swimming pool, a beautiful climbing area, a daycare centre/nursery, and a rooftop lounge/bar/restaurant will complete the overall offer.

At Cap Tamarin, there are also many restaurants and bars to choose from, including a new food court with 25 outlets at Coeur Cap Tamarin. In addition, the Food Avenue is available to grab a bite to eat on the go, to sit down to enjoy a more refined dish, to eat healthier, or to have a taste of Asian, European, local and other exotic cuisines.

Cap Tamarin is also home to Big Willy's and Lulu Bistrot. A few minutes away, you can enjoy a drink with your feet in the sand at Veranda Tamarin Hotel & Spa or indulge in some street food by the beach.

Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village is also home to a C-Care Clinic, supported by two leading private healthcare institutions, C-Care Darné and C-Care Wellkin. C-Care Tamarin brings together around 20 medical and paramedical professionals in various specialities.

The new C+S facility is currently under construction. The first phase has been operational since September 2022 with a medical diagnosis facility including emergency services, medical consultations, imaging, a medical analysis laboratory and an outpatient surgery unit. The second phase in 2024 will be the extension to accommodate inpatient services and a special offer for senior citizens.

Cap Tamarin has a wide range of commercial space, including various shops at La Place Cap Tamarin. Set in

Moreover, the existing Espace Maison hardware store will double its surface area to 3,000m² to provide customers with several new products from the third quarter of 2023! There will be a broader choice regarding plumbing, electrical, swimming pool and garden items. New product lines will also be introduced, from standard aluminium joinery to modular kitchen furniture and home automation. Finally, a Pro Corner will be available for building professionals with affordable services. A total of 19 sub-sections featured on the e-commerce site will be available in the modern and easily accessible Espace Maison outlet.

Moreover, Coeur de Ville Tamarin provides you with all essential services in one place, including shopping, going to the pharmacy, getting a manicure and trawling the shops over 11,000m². The shopping centre also comprises a 5,000m² Super U hypermarket.

  • Accessible to foreigners

  • At the heart of nature

  • Adapted to seniors

Cap Tamarin

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On the west coast of Mauritius, nestled between the iconic Tamarin Bay and La Tourelle mountain, the Smart & Happy Village of Cap Tamarin beckons. Developed under the...

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