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The Rental Market in Mauritius

During the past few years, the property rental market has undergone a radical transformation. Apart from houses, there are other options like apartments, studios, residences within apartment hotels, IRS and RES villas as well as units with the (...)

Landlord and Tenant : Obligations of both parties

Even before you start searching for a property to rent, it is very important to understand the legal aspects of being a tenant. When you become a tenant, you take on certain responsibilities in exchange for certain rights. Your tenancy (...)

The Guarantee Deposit

For some rentals in Mauritius, a guarantee deposit may be asked to the tenant at the beginning, so that to guarantee to the owner that he will carry out his obligations as a tenant. This is sometimes referred to as the security. The deposit (...)

Signing a lease

The information below is only a rough guide and we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of professionals before making decisions or engaging yourself in a real-estate project. The Lease / Rental contract The lease or rental contract is a (...)

Let With Pets

Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment and though most of the time pets are part of the family, not every landlord is keen to let their property with pets. Landlords often have concerns about renting their properties to pet owners. To help you be (...)

How to secure your property?

Planning to rent a property but you do not know the area well ? While it is hard to know in advance the level of security for your new property, you can still make sure that your future home holds all facilities required to guarantee your peace (...)

Writing successful real estate ads

According to Wikipedia, more than 60% of property sales worldwide have been done via a real estate portal while in France, 70% of potential home-buyers use Internet for property search. So, writing an enticing property ad remains core especially (...)