How to secure your property?

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Planning to rent a property but you do not know the area well ?
While it is hard to know in advance the level of security for your new property, you can still make sure that your future home holds all facilities required to guarantee your peace of mind.

Alarm systems and guarding

When you visit the property with the owner or the estate agent, make sure to ask if an alarm system has already been installed. If this is the case, simply reactivate it by contacting the provider.
The number of sensors (installed or to be installed) will vary depending on the size and number of rooms of the property: if it is not necessary to install the device in the bathroom and toilet, it is nevertheless recommended to add detectors in the bedrooms, offices, lounge and at the back of the house.

In addition to the alarm system, various types of services are offered by security companies in Mauritius: a remote monitoring service for the alarm system (proposed by Brinks for example), immediate response (patrols) if the alarm is triggered. Therefore, if your alarm sets off, the closest patrol will intervene in the shortest delay possible in order to check on your property and chase eventual thieves.

To meet the high security demand in Mauritius, and solve the problem of domestic intrusions, new systems have been developed: companies such as CQ Tech provide for example a wireless alarm with home automation system. Communication can be done via mobile phone, you can activate or deactivate your alarm system, know who entered your property and at what time, as well as open your gate... all this can be done from a mobile phone.

Various providers
In addition to the variety of security products and related services, many providers have embarked in this sector which is in constant growth.
Individuals and businesses are seeking outside companies more and more to ensure their safety... and they have a choice.

For guarding systems and alarm, Seculogix, G4S, Secupro, Rey & Lenferna, Alarmtech, CQ Tech, Caudan Security and Brinks will offer you a range of products and services from which you will find those that best meet your needs. With its gates and shutters, Xpanda offers additional equipment to the alarm system, based on securing your home ’physically’.

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