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For those seeking a peaceful retirement, willing to expand a business or simply craving a change of setting, Mauritius is an ideal destination for expatriation. We all fantasized about a sunny spot in a paradise-like corner and Mauritius may make your dreams come true. In fact, the island provides an ideal seaside setting to those want to experience an islander’s lifestyle, thanks to its climate, its beaches and its luxurious nature. Accommodation is made easy throughout the island by its several IRS/RES projects, its villas and studios. Properties to sell or to rent, everyone’s requirements shall be met. Expanding sectors represent appropriate platforms for investors who shall be given appealing benefits. Senior citizens are given the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable retirement in a calm and secured setting. As for independents, they will be able to develop their capacities with the island’s growing businesses which represent appealing job opportunities and professional growth. Before being able to enjoy the alluring aspects of Mauritius, some procedures must be completed. They vary according to foreign citizens, are made of specific conditions and are governed by the Board of Investment (BOI). This step is mandatory and slightly tedious but shall ensure you a peaceful stay in a serene environment with an advantageous cost of living with, in addition, beneficial taxation. Education, health and leisure, nothing lacks in Mauritius. All your needs shall be catered for in order to ensure a peaceful stay in an idyllic setting.

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