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Wood, brick and stone, some houses that go beyond our architectural vision can be mesmerizing. They take the shapes of luxurious or gigantic houses, castles or peculiar hotels that are located in nature or nestled at the heart of breath-taking landscapes. Let’s go for a trip around the world with our selection of dream-like houses.

1. The Fleur De Lys: Mariah Carey’s palace

Mariah Carey is not only famous for wearing the most expensive shoes but also for buying one of the most expensive houses in the world, the Fleur De Lys! Inspired by Marie Antoinette’s former mansion, le Château de Versaille, it is worth $ 125 billion. A perfect house for a diva!

2. The Castle de Haar : a medieval castle

Built by the Haar family in 1391, this castle has been renovated several times to become what it is today. Proudly overlooking the trees, this castle is the biggest house in the Netherlands and one of the most luxurious buildings in Europe.The Castle de Haar has a medieval charm that goes back from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

3. 3. The Udai Vilas Palace

The Udai Vilas Palace is a magnificent hotel at the heart of Rajasthan, in India. With an amazing view, it is one of the most luxurious hotels in the country. Experience all the fantasies of India with this almost surreal palace crowned by a big floral dome. The Udai Vilas Palace will surely make your holidays magical and extraordinary!

4. 4. The most expensive house of California

Built by Bruce Makowsky, this ultra-luxurious house is known as the 21st century castle. Merging perfection, high tech and extravagance, this villa has an art collection, a car collection, a cinema hall, a bowling lane, two suites, a spa and an overflowing pool. The house is on sale at $ 250 million! Are you interested?

5. 5. Greece: an idyllic city

Greece is THE ideal destination for Wanderlust addicts! Coming straight from a dream, the hotels in Parthenon island holds the promise of never-ending summer days. They are located in the famous city of Athens, surrounded by amazing blue landscapes. With their white sand and deep blue crystal sea, Greece is the perfect country for escapism.

6. Aaron Spelling Dream House

“The Manor”, also known as the “Spelling Manor”, is Aaron Spelling’s mansion in Los Angeles. It was built in 1991 by his wife and has 123 bedrooms on a land of 56 000 square ft. The manor is inspired by the French castle style and costs around $150 million.

7. The Matsumoto Castle in Japan

Known as the black crow castle, Matsumoto is a fortified and historical monument located in the south of Nagano. It is one of the national treasures of Japan and is a famous cultural destination. Matsumoto is perfect to take beautiful pictures and it offers many viewpoints on the surrounding lake.

8. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in the real world!

Welcome to the magical world of Disney with this real Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland, France! Eye-catching elements give it a fairy-tale touch: golden turrets with lovely decorations, royal blue roofs, big tours and a bridge in front. Make your childhood dreams come true by visiting this legendary fairy-tale castle.

Amazed by these breathtaking houses ? Choose your favourite dream house?

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