Mont Piton Residential Estate: Invest in a new life!

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Time to move North! A plot of land within the gated estate of Mont Piton is likely to be your perfect investment.


Looking for the best way to invest your capital? With Mont Piton Residential Estate’s second phase now ready, you can now buy a plot of land within a gated estate in the north of Mauritius.

Set in a prime location, away from the hustle and bustle that comes with city life, but still perfectly accessible from the motorway, Port Louis and Verdun. Residents will have easy access to some of the island’s best schools, malls, hospitals and other essential facilities. Beaches of Grand Bay, Trou aux Biches, Mont Choisy or Péreybère and lush green fields will also be within bounds.


In a move to drastically improve the lifestyle of the estate’s inhabitants, amenities and several leisure facilities are in place. Green spaces, playgrounds, sports, recreational facilities and leisure areas have been developed around a cohesive and appropriate aesthetic.


When it comes to safety, you will be reassured to learn that Mont Piton Residential Estate has been designed to provide optimum peace of mind to its residents. The gated, syndicated premises and electric fence facades will get you the tranquillity that you need for your family!


Perfectly suitable for an innovative and quality residential development, each plot of land will give landowners an astounding view as they relax on their balcony. Mountains around the Piton area, sugar cane fields and the blue lagoon will all provide close contact with nature. Embrace luxurious green living; this is the life that you deserve!

For a site visit of the estate, get in touch with the real estate developers by clicking on the link below:



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