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Like the numerous Smart Cities across the island, the coastal village of Mahébourg will soon be revitalised... Indeed, the EDB (Economic Development Board) has approved an inclusive restructuration plan for Mahébourg through the NRP (National Regeneration Programme).

What is the NRP?

The National Regeneration Programme (NRP) is a dedicated program that aims to regenerate the existing urban fabric and enhance the historic towns and villages of Mauritius. This is achieved by strengthening and restoring the environment, infrastructure and iconic sites of a region within a limited area... An impressive project which shall benefit local residents, businesses and visitors, while encouraging a more sustainable development model.

Following the first implementation of the NRP in Port Louis, the Economic Development Board has endorsed a regeneration project in Mahebourg. Wonderful news which shall breathe new life into the same village that was shaken last year by the tragic ecological disasters provoked by the Wakashio.

With its authentic coastal charm and a long history of regatta festivals, Mahébourg has a rich cultural and historical heritage. By means of this new development strategy, the village will enable developers, landowners of many different backgrounds, and entrepreneurs to contribute to the social, economic and environmental improvement of this authentic region.

Such developments not only help in creating new job opportunities and improving the standard of living of the population, but they also act as a platform, encouraging new investment, whilst promoting the construction and associated services sector, and preserving the historic features of the site.

What are the benefits for an investor?

In line with the smart city principle, landowners and developers can submit projects and development strategies to contribute to the regeneration of the region. Investment under this scheme is subject to a number of tax benefits, including:

  • Developments that aim to create jobs and improve people’s standard of living, but which also provide a platform for new investment, while promoting the growth of the construction and associated services sector, and safeguarding the historic character of the site.
  • Full refund of VAT on buildings and capital assets;
  • Application for input tax refunds for buildings and capital assets;
  • Exemption from customs duties on imports of taxable goods, other than furniture, for use in infrastructure works and building construction ;
  • A deduction of capital expenditure undertaken for approved renovation and improvement works in the public domain from its gross income in the tax year in which the expenditure is incurred;
  • Income tax exemption for smart parking.

Les Berges de Beau Vallon, an eco-district in bloom

Located halfway between Mahébourg and Blue Bay, Compagnie de Beau Vallon Ltée (CBVL) is committed to revitalising the southeast region. Just 5 minutes from Mahébourg, the highway and Blue Bay, and in close proximity to the Bo Valon Mall, "Les Berges de Beau Vallon" is an eco-neighbourhood project that will expand and complement the range of activities available in Mahébourg and the region.

An outstanding destination

In the midst of this timelessly charming village, an authentic climate reigns surrounded by the vestiges and ruins of historic dwellings... Here is what this ambitious project, overlooking the banks of La Chaux river, has to offer...

"Les Berges de Beau Vallon" promises an innovative eco-district, fully integrated within its natural, cultural and social environment. In line with the regeneration programme of the Mahébourg region, the CBVL aims to develop a multi-use ecosystem, tailored to the island and tropical conditions.

Christophe Curé, Group Property Manager of the CBVL, explains :

" This will be a dynamic and lively neighbourhood, with a people-friendly development intended to create new habits among local residents and simultaneously invite new residents to move in. It will feature a range of amenities such as a market, food court, artists’ village, bars and restaurants, as well as a diverse residential offer, quality public areas, and spaces dedicated to cultural and leisure activities.”

A groundbreaking project

For the CBVL, the richness of the topography and landscape of the site, along with its historical character, are the foundations of this project. The development plan has been elaborated on the basis of the following principles :

  • Preserving the architectural and heritage characteristics of the site by maintaining its original cachet. The vestiges of an earlier era can still be seen here.
  • Strengthen the existing green space by preserving the existing trees and by establishing footpaths surrounded by trees.
  • Create a park along the banks of La Chaux river for cultural and sporting activities and walks
  • Develop a diverse commercial offer in the heart of a pedestrian project - structured around pedestrian accessible spaces.
  • Develop an office offer given the proximity of the airport and the excellent road access via the motorway (direct access to Ebène, Port-Louis, etc.)
  • Attract new residents, both local and foreign, with a diversified residential offer. The project will host a residential area with remarkable views of Lion Mountain.
  • High-quality collective housing as well as properties allowing young people to buy their own home will be offered.

In its initial phase in 2019, the project hosted the Bo Valon Mall - developed by Ascencia Group - while the following works, relating to the eastern phase, are scheduled to start in the second half of 2021.

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