Top 10 of the World’s most unusual houses

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Top 10 of the World’s most unusual houses

We have explored the Web searching for the World’s most unusual houses and as a result of our quest, we have discovered a wide array of weird homes of different colours and with the most unlikely shapes! Below is our Top 10 ranking:

1/ The Upside-Down House
mainson insolite 10
This little upside-down house is located in Marrakech and its owner, French artist Jean François Fourtou has constructed it to fulfil his child’s dream. Mission completed !

2/ A really tiny house
maison insolite 8
Tempted to live in a 1m2-home? Not really, with regard to us! But we must, all the same, acknowledge that this ingenious house is stunning.

3/ An old church
maison insolite 7
Renovating an abandoned church and making it your home sweet home, what a great idea! The outcome is amazing: behind the ancient stained glass are large luminous rooms, set in total serenity.

4/ Rainbow colours ! !
maison insolite 6
Here is very colourful house which will be ideal in our colourful and festive villages! In fact this cosy little house is found in the United States, in the state of New York.

5/ La maison coquillage
maison insolite 5
Une maison coquillage ? A sea-shell house! What a weird idea! This bizarre house was designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain. The mosaic of colours which constitutes the bay window remains the best part of it!

6/ A hard-rock house!
maison insolite 5
Here is house that would surely resist any storm! This house made of stone or Casa do Penedo was built in Portugal in 1974 out of 4 stone blocks.

7/ A fairy home in the woods...
maison insolite 4
In the middle of the woods in Netherlands is found a charming fairy-like house. Gods knows what may take place as night falls…

8/ A perched house
maison insolite 3
In quest of calm and loneliness? We’ve got what you need! You’ll probably guess that this house located in Serbia does get much visits as a result of its inaccessibility!

9/ A spectacular view
maison insolite 2
This hilltop house is in fact a tea house. Its simple style does not make one dream, but on the other hand, it is worth visiting the interior, facing the window contemplating blooming plum trees!

10/ Totally twisted!
maison insolite 1
The award of the World’s most unusual houses goes to that particular house…totally twisted. No, you’re not dreaming : this house was designed by architects’ Szotynscy & Zaleski.

So? Incredible, isn’t it? Now the floor is yours: which of these houses do you choose? Do you know about weird-looking houses in Mauritius?

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