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Above and beyond a mere residential park, properties of the Luxury Estates Mauritius label. depict a lifestyle. The finest architecture, a unique environment and a premium comprehensive portfolio of services are only a few elements which make each and every estate stand out. With these exclusive gems unveiling their best features, discover the experts behind such exclusive creations.

Remarkable natural landscapes

Nestled at the heart of vast properties, the residential estates of Luxury Estates Mauritius have each unique backgrounds: a rich natural and historical heritage for the Mont Choisy Golf & Beach Estate; a lush vegetation and the sapphire lagoon of the East coast at Anahita Mauritius; Le Morne beach for La Balise Marina’s water’s edge properties, and the perfect combination of pristine nature and the river estuary for Azuri Ocean & Golf Village.

Built-in these perfect settings, the four exclusive estates have indeed been designed to cherish these natural assets and grow sustainably, in view of later on entrusting this heritage to future generations. Hence, renowned developers have been led by the idea of creating well-thought projects which favour minimal built surface areas to sublimate the beauty and bounty of these estates, with the Mauritian lifestyle as a signature.

When architecture blends into its surroundings

Imagine a whole new way of life with “Estate Living”. These prestigious estates have all collaborated with the most talented architects, from Bérengère Croidieu to Alistair Macbeth, and even the world-famous firm WATG. Demure luxury being the common inclination of all these architects, they still include their own personal and contemporary touch in that spirit to revive the authentic Mauritian architectural style.

A style which prioritises outdoor living and open spaces allows the properties to make the most of the tropical sunshine, to enhance noble materials such as stone or wood, strengthening this sense of unity with the environment. The result is superb: properties which blend in perfectly with their respective natural environments, and where inside living meets grandiose outdoor spaces. Patios and pergolas are full-fledged living spaces, bringing a fresh perspective on local esthetics.

Planning Director of the WATG firm, Tony Menezes, himself, has contributed to the design phase of Mont Choisy La Réserve residences.

“Given the importance of outdoor living in Mauritius, and considering Mont Choisy’s unique attributes, we have managed to come up with spaces which would complement the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. This evident transition between the outdoor and indoor living spaces, showcasing nature, even more, makes me feel like I belong to this particular place”, he explains.

The feeling seems to be shared by each of the owners. Indeed, although they come from all over the world, everyone acknowledges the quality of the architecture, and admits to have been entirely seduced by the perfect balance struck between nature and construction in all the estates. This feeling of belonging is that of being at home, even if being miles away.


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