Ask yourself the right questions before building a pool

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You have a large area in your garden and you wish to build a swimming pool? Before embarking on this important project, ask yourself the right questions, since the construction of a swimming pool involves substantial work. In this article above, we have dealt with the essential questions – you can either answer alone or with the help of a professional (pool builder, architect, etc.) – to facilitate your decision-making process.

What are your budget and the available area?

A swimming pool is not a simple water pool. There are several models, such as ground pools, above ground pools or semi-inground pool. Concerning the size of the swimming pool, it depends on the area available. In the end, keep in mind that the swimming pool’s size mainly depends on the budget allocated to the project. In case of any doubt, contact a professional who will calculate the dimension of the swimming pool and choose the necessary materials.

An aboveground pool

How to choose the location of your future swimming pool?

Before deciding of the location, there are several parameters to consider, such as wind and sun exposure. It is better to choose a place safe from prying eyes. Do not build a swimming pool located near trees because of falling leaves – this will require a lot of maintenance and constant cleaning.

What uses for your future pool?

It is essential to determine how you will use your swimming pool in order to define the model which will suit your needs. Indeed: an automatic cover will prove an extra margin of safety if you have children; if you plan to take a dip in the pool during the warm months, then an aboveground pool will suit. You feel like swimming? In this case, a swimming pool with lane is ideal for swimming laps. Finally, a dug swimming pool for comfort adds extra value to your home.

The rectangular pool – a popular model

What shape to select?

Once you have determined how you will use your swimming pool, you must now choose its shape. The rectangular shape is a timeless design. It’s easy to maintain, ideal for making a few strokes and ensures optimum water flow. Moreover, its installation is less expensive. Oval shaped pools are out of the ordinary, whilst setting up of prefabricated swimming pool is easy, since they are delivered in a single piece.

Who are the professional to call upon?

There are many professionals in Mauritius specialized in the construction and maintenance of swimming pools. Ask yourself the following questions in order the select the best professional: Who enjoys an excellent reputation? For whom or who, he has built swimming pools (ask for references)? Does the price of the quotation reasonable?, etc.

What about the maintenance of the pool and the costs to be incurred?

It’s not just a matter of building: once your pool is ready, it will need maintenance in order to keep it in good condition: the pool water must be filtered and regularly disinfected, the equipment must be cleaned, maintain proper pH, etc. Who will be in charge of the maintenance of your pool? A gardener, a company or yourself? If you take the responsibility of maintaining your pool, you should do it seriously.

It is very important to maintain the swimming pool

Our advice: One of your relatives has a pool in his garden? Take advice from him for maintenance issues!

The purpose of the above questions is to help you to be properly prepared for this project, because you will invest money and spend lot of time. But in any case, one thing is certain: once your pool ready, you will be more than satisfied!