Bluefrog inaugurates a gallery in Saint-Pierre

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An area entirely dedicated to real estate professionals. This place, situated at Saint Pierre, has been inaugurated by Bluefrog which will exhibit a selection of equipment and accessories “with contemporary design and urban chic influences”. Bluefrog usually intervenes at the end of a construction or restoration project. And thanks to the ten technicians with whom the company works, the society is able to propose an interior layout and interior decoration in harmony with the expectations of its customers. "It is our passion that we put first and foremost to the benefit of our customers," says Eric Grenouillaud, General Manager of Bluefrog, who has worked for years in the acquisition of a real estate company.

Founded in 2008, Bluefrog is a specialist in the acquisition of equipment and accessories for professionals and individuals. In eight years, Bluefrog has carried out projects for some 150 villas, the equivalent of a hotel with 80 rooms per year. The annual purchase value is around Rs 75 million. The company has clients in its portfolio such as Allée d’Helvetia, Soil Bagatelle, Zilwa Attitude, Four Seasons, So Sofitel Mauritius, La Balise Marina and Alteo Property.