CIDB: A workshop dedicated to construction

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On the 27th of June, the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)- in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training - conducted a workshop for stakeholders of the construction industry . in Mauritius. A great initiative, according to CIDB Executive Director Ram Bahadoor: “ "The objective of CIDB is to promote the improvement and development of the construction industry. »

Opening welcome from M. Ram Bahadoor, Executive Director of the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

As the CIDB ensures the proper functioning of the industry, various topics such as the registration of professionals in the sector and work safety on sites, were discussed.

This is why the organisation ensures that all construction professionals - regardless being material and installation suppliers; contractors; Civil Engineers and Electrical and Plumbing Engineers, or even urban planners, landscape architects and interior designers - are registered and practice with respect to the laws, rules and standards in force. The CIDB also drew attention to safety, highlighting the standards of ’Health & Safety’.

Presentation by Mr. Vinay Kumar Rawoo, Technical Services Manager, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

Supported by the technical expertise of the Ministry of Labor’s officers, two pieces of legislation were discussed in-depth: the Health and Safety Regulations 1980 and the Occupational Safety and Health (Safety of Scaffolds) Regulations 2013 (essential details to regulate the work in height requiring scaffolding and excavation work).