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During an interview with the Director of Publi Promo Ltd, an advertising agency; Didier de Senneville made us part of the history of the Salon de la Maison et du Jardin which has always been a successful event. The forthcoming edition will take place from the 20th till the 24th of April at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre, Pailles.

When the Salon de la Maison did come into existence?

Being launched since 1991, the first edition of the Salon de la Maison took place with 80 exhibitors at the Forum of Curepipe. It has then moved to regions like Rivière noire and Port Franc. It has officially been established at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre (SVICC) at Pailles, since its opening. Formerly, the event was held once a year but during the recent times, it occurs twice a year.

Why two editions? Tell us more about the event’s preparations?

The request is sustained! With a copious amount of about 120 exhibitors during each edition, we recorded more than 40,000 visitors. Even though that the Salon de la Maison lasts for only 5 days, for Publi Promo it’s an annual event preparation that is behind its success! It is usually based on meticulous endeavours. To ensure the event goes on smoothly and under the perfect conditions, the agency has to collaborate with different service provides including the catering services, the authorities from several ministries like Ministry of Commerce & industry for particular licenses as well as the police force.

A minimum time of six months is required to gather all the exhibitors who, as a result need more time to make a selection of products and to develop their own strategies. They all prepare their respective stalls two days before the grand opening. It is usually labour intensives and it is indeed a vivid moment to witness all the hard works.

Adrien Charles Duval and Didier De Senneville

Why was it so important to give life to the Salon de la Maison?

The Salon de la Maison is an imperative sector on both the national and international grounds. It meets the basic and fundamental needs for a living such as: shelter, foods and clothing. Family life has a higher importance in the eyes of Mauritians that is the reason they need to have their own homely sanctuary. As a matter of fact, if we consider the ratio of land owners to tenants, we are progressively ahead compared to other countries.

The only aim of the man of the house is to offer his family with a shelter on their head. A home is an essential sphere for the family. Every chance is seized to improve the living areas! The visitors of the Salon de la Maison buzz in to have ideas how they may beautifully renovate their houses. As it regroups every little aspect regarding house and garden under one roof, the Salon de la Maison has become a well-known event.

The Salon de la Maison targets who in particular?

It is usually a local event with Mauritian exhibitors, targeting the active Mauritian population. A lot of professionals are also present but the Salon Hotel World, normally organized by Public Promo fits more conveniently with their specific needs. However, professionals from emerging sectors like healthcare sector and community (Municipality) join us at the Salon de la Maison to have a look at the lighting accessories and flooring & decking designs.

The event is a platform offering with great opportunities to cumulate your contacts and to live up some amazing family times. Visitors not only come to the Salon for the sake of purchasing but to be socially active. It’s a friendly world of creation and innovation, where the entire Mauritius is exposed to a plethora of products. The public can benefit from an affordable price with a great number of exhibitors present hence creating a competitive surrounding.

Why is the Salon de la Maison so famous and what about innovation?

Having the right standard and offering high quality products, all the exhibitors have acquired a good reputation on the market; and they are the main reason of success and sustainability of the Salon de la Maison. We are surrounded by market leaders at the Salon and this ensures our success. The event regroups everything underneath one roof, allowing visitors to discover new items, to compare prices and to enjoy good promotional events hence resulting into a successful one.

Actually the Salon de la Maison is revived by innovations and modernity. The event owes its success to the different unique products. But how can you ensure that there is place for innovation when the same old products are being exposed? De facto, the decorative aspects have changed over time for instance since 5 years, the tap models are more distinct. Moreover, the price is stable for the manufacturers, the service providers as well as for the visitors.

Tell us more about the exhibitors?

Publi Promo usually sends out some brochures to the exhibitors. Having a huge number of exhibitors, the agency operates with a closed counter. Due to limited amount of stalls, a maximum group of exhibitors is considered. If the stalls are not available then Publi Promo suggests them to expose their products during the next edition of the Salon de la Maison.

It is essential to ensure the quality and standard of the exhibitors. They should not cheat by exposing products that are stock limited. Publi Promo requests them to be responsible towards the visitors and to offer them with an irreproachable customer care service. It is normally a very rare surprise but I will certainly not appreciate if a manufacturer or a service provider deceives the visitors of the Salon de la Maison. It is quite obvious that exhibitors value their market reputation. All the exhibitors are Mauritians but some of them do request a helping hand from their foreign partners to supplement the visitors with peculiar details in the emerging sectors such as advanced technological and electrical tools and in the era of humanoids & robots.

What does the public admire the most about the Salon de la Maison?

The public appreciates being exposed to a wide selection of products of all types. As the event organizer, Publi Promo ensures that every little detail is taken into account such as place, date of the event, comfort, parking slots, shuttles, catering services, toilets, hygiene, and tidiness and so on. All these factors are the keys for a successful Salon de la Maison, where the public will be enjoying at their own pace.
What is so special about the forthcoming edition of the salon de la Maison et du Jardin?

On a general basis, it will be more about innovation! Public Promo wishes to work more systematically to ensure that the event goes on smoothly. More emphasis will be laid on eco-friendly, ecological and green products, as well as dedicated home items and trendy smart home decor. The sanitary fittings will be highly valued. Such as house cloths and floor designs and electronical appliances will also be exposed.

What are the evolutions and progress of the Salon de la Maison?

The Salon de la Maison is evoluting and is going perfectly with the flow. We wish to preserve our efficiency and our passion in delivering constant efforts while waiting that the SVICC will expand itself in terms of space to accommodate more exhibitors.
In general, what is the usefulness of having this kind of event?

The Salon acts like a communication and promotion tool that boosts up the sector. Being a platform exposing the different products to the public, it is also essential for different sectors and manufacturers to develop their business. The Salon de la Maison helps a lot of Mauritians to be employed which is vital for a better standard of living.

What are the last words and your anecdote in particular?

I have usual visitors that come to the Salon during each edition and they are really friendly. They do not hesitate to share their feedback with me. After all for me, when we have visitors at the Salon it’s a bit like having guests at my own place.

It’s like one big family under the same roof with all the partners, exhibitors and visitors. Well as an anecdote, there is no one as such in particular, it’s simply the merging of several events to give the final show. As I have to abide by being meticulous, it is not easy to elaborate on a peculiar moment. I am happy to see that the event brings out a lot of satisfaction and happiness to the leaders. For the closure of the Salon, I usually give the final speech with my public responding with big applauses, it is certainly moments of reflection and emotions as the exhibitors are reassured that they have performed in the most productive way possible during the event.

Moreover, it is rejoicing to bring my contribution to the economic development of the country by using my own ways, so that I can help the Mauritian families to progress by generating employment!

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