Good news from Mauritius Housing Company

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Rejoicing news from the Mauritius Housing Company (MHC) for persons who plan to build a house. Mamade Khodabaccus, president of the Mauritius Housing Company (MHC), held a press conference on the 18th January 2016 where he announced that the interest rate for housing loans goes from 7.25 to 6.3%. The same rate will apply throughout the period of loan repayment.

This announcement was made during the launch of the campaign “Le redéploiement du tapis rouge”. The purpose of this project is to provide opportunities for middle class families to afford their own house. This campaign involves a series of additional facilities offered to clients of the MHC like the abolition of fees of Rs 10,000 on a loan of Rs 1 million.

To further help customers of MHC, the institution latter will offer them architectural plans and free technical advice. According to Mamade Khodabaccus, the organization’s employees have the necessary experience and know-how to provide these services. However, this offer takes into consideration the area of the house. Furthermore, the Mauritius Housing Company will now focus on eco-friendly construction.

During the same press conference, Mamade Khodabaccus also explains that the MHC is planning the construction of houses in La Tour Koenig et Le Hochet. The institution is actually discussing with the State Land Development Company (SLDC) for the construction of houses and towers in Highlands.