Iconic Mrs Doubtfire’s house for sale!

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Are you a big fan of the legendary comedy Mrs Doubtfire with the late Robin Williams? If so, here’s a big news: you can own the lovely house used in the movie of Chris Columbus, since it has been put on the market… for $ 4,45 million. Quite a brake on the enthusiasm of the fans, even if the acquisition of such a house made up a lot of people’s dreams.

A proud-looking house

Focus on the historic house where Mrs Doubtfire was filmed, situated in the San Francisco affluent Pacific Heights neighbourhood at 2640 Steiner Street. The 3,300 square foot Victorian mansion, built in 1893, still looks great with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a curving turreted floor plan in the living, a large suite rounded with vaulted ceiling, a chef’s kitchen with premium countertops, stained glasses and beautiful patios, among others.

This valuable piece of property, also a piece of history, became a memorial for the fans of Robin Williams, died on 11 August 2014. Are you interested in buying this iconic house and you have a lot of money? Well, the house is yours…

Take a virtual tour:

Mrs Doubtfire, a comedy that marked an entire generation

Mrs. Doubtfire is a comedy released in 1994. Robin Williams, with his incomparable talent, played Daniel Hillard, a freelance voice actor. After the judge grants his wife Miranda, played by Sally Field, sole custody of his three children, whom he loves very much, he disguised himself and assumed the persona of a Mrs Doubtfire, a respectable and pleasant Scottish nanny. His aim is to spend more time with his children. Miranda, unaware of her past husband, hires Mrs Doubtfire.

Here is an extract of the comedy:

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