Methods and tools to effectively work at home

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Due to the current health crisis situation and the lockdown, many of us have been compelled to work from home and to operate remotely. While this has warped our daily lives, it is not always easy to stay focused, motivated and productive when teleworking. Here are some tips to help you.

The golden rules for better organisation

To be productive and efficient, the golden rule remains discipline. Hence, you should plan your day in such a way that your work hours are optimised. As such schedules are not rigid and inflexible, you can readjust them according to your needs. Also, although you are in the comfort of your home, it is important to separate professional and personal spaces: try to recreate an adequate and inspiring workspace which makes you want to stay there.

Some tools to help you

Working at home can have a major impact on your efficiency and that of your colleagues. To help you meet this challenge, there are many tools which help to improve communication, and aim at improving remote task management. With all the key elements to meet these challenges, you will surely ace teleworking.

Communication: There is nothing easier than keeping in touch with others thanks to the Internet. Video and telephone conference calls can be done through applications we use everyday, such as Whatsapp and Skype. It can also be done using specialised softwares like Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting and

File sharing: When you need to share items which do not go through your mailboxes, opt for applications like Dropbox or Google Drive, allowing access to files in the cloud. You can also send them via

Project management: Are you struggling to organise your tasks and fail at being highly productive? Several tools can help you better plan your schedule and manage your projects. Trello and Zoho (available in paid and free versions), or Monday (available in paid version, with a free trial period) are applications specially designed for these management needs. Available in mobile version, these tools allow you to have a better visibility on your projects.

Time management: To be effective, it is important to manage your time well. Some apps can monitor your schedule to make sure you are optimising every minute as it should. Toggl and Clockify are free and easy-to-use tools for this purpose.

For optimum productivity, avoid any source of distraction and use suitable tools!