NHDC housing available to households with a monthly income of Rs 10,001 to Rs 20,000

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Families with monthly income between Rs 10 001 and Rs 20 000 can now housing of the NHDC, following the decision of the Ministry of Housing and Lands to review all wage scales.

In the past, families with revenues between Rs 10 000 and Rs 20 000 was not eligible to obtain housing from the NHDC. This is no longer the case. They can access to properties of the NHDC among the current projects, provided they fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Carry out a deposit of 10% of the purchase amount
  2. Do not be the owner of a real estate

Projects adapted to this category of families will be proposed to them later on.

This reviews, endorsed by the Council of Ministers on February 19, results in two categories of applicants:

  1. households earning between Rs 10,001 and Rs 15,000 monthly, eligible for grants up to 50% of the purchase
  2. families with monthly income between Rs 15,001 and Rs 20,000, eligible for housing at the NHDC, will get 20% of the cost of purchase.

This revision is necessary since many families with incomes above Rs 10,000 per month but less than Rs 20,000, are struggling to become owners, said a member of the Ministry of Housing and Lands.