PRO FONCIER: Expertise and Passion under the same roof

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In an era where women empowerment and leadership are in the limelight, let us uncover an instance of such successful achievement in Mauritius during the past decades. If some still consider the Mauritian woman as just a good mother, others will recognise the tireless efforts of these Wonderwomen; who do not only inspire greatness on a daily basis, but also aspire to the well-being of all!

Pro Foncier is a great example to feature. 100% committed, Pro Foncier is one of those places on the island where one stops for the excellent services offered as well as for the wonderful people working there. You will choose this real estate agency because you know that Laura, Régine, Josheela, Astrid, Shirley and Nicole will do their best to make your life easier… A fundamental belief that inspires these business ladies daily. Nicole, senior sales agent, underlines: "Whoever you are, whatever your situation is, and regardless of where you come from, we will help you with professionalism and kindness in your choices and your decisions!

Their difference lies in this additional step that they make for you and that will certainly not leave you indifferent: precious advice at all times; willingness to help on anything and everything, communicative joy and the friendly bond they naturally create. These professionals are examples of how women embrace leadership with generosity combined with the sense of service and a daily dose of tenacity.

Care, trust and integrity are the values that drive this family of self-made women aged between 30 and 60. Deeply rooted in their personalities, their perseverance and goodwill are felt within the very first moment of meeting these property specialists. Pro Foncier is a place where people have faith in realising their customer’s aspiration.

A place where passion drives the will to make sure that everyone finds what they are looking for. “We are always ready to go the extra mile for our customers. Whatever the size of their project, everyone is welcomed and pampered,” says Shirley, senior sales agent.

During more than 30 years, Pro Foncier has developed a unique know-how and knowledge of the market and these ladies have guided and advised numerous Mauritians and foreign customers, individuals and professionals who have chosen to trust them.

Despite the current difficult situation linked to the Covid 19 pandemic, Pro Foncier, who is recognised today as the specialist agency of the centre of the island, reiterates its commitment to fully engage with all its clients and all those who have a real estate project.

«Despite the global health crisis, the priorities of our clients have remained the same–to find a home or a good investment opportunity. Worth noting that the market is currently offering good opportunities.»

Founded in 1989 and located today in Quatre Bornes, Pro Foncier is this real estate agency with a genuine Mauritian flavor who cherishes the services it offers to its clients throughout the island.