Real Estate and Construction sectors in Mauritius: upcoming projects for 2016

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In line with the Mauritian government’s vision regarding the promised economic miracle unveiled in 2015, quite a couple of real estate projects are scheduled for the year 2016 accounting for approximately Rs 11, 2 billion. The major part of it is allocated to the construction of the Small Cities which account for more about 50% of the total investment. The remainder is subdivided as follows:

  • Logistics and Freeport light industrial infrastructure: Rs 1,4 billion
  • Education Village of Médine: Rs 900 million
  • Blue economy: Rs 700 million
  • Manufacturing sector : Rs 500 million
  • Hotel industry: Rs 350 million
  • Biotechnology: Rs 180 million

Road infrastructure

  • Construction of flyovers, highway ramps and interchanges at Jumbo Phoenix, Phoenix Beverages and Dowlut round-about. Estimated investments: Rs 2,4 billion up to 2018
  • 2nd phase of the Port Louis Ring Road. Estimated investments: Rs 5 billion
  • Construction of road and bridge at Coromandel. Estimated investments: Rs 2,3 billion

Port infrastructure

  • Construction of a fishing port for a total investment of Rs 17,5 billion. The project includes a quay of 650 meters, a seafood market and storage capacity of about 20 000 tons of goods.


  • Construction of 256 housing units for a total investment of Rs 1,5 billion.

Airport infrastructure

  • Construction of a new control tower. Estimated investment: Rs 370 million
  • Construction of a new parking area for wide-bodied aircrafts
  • Construction of second phase of an industrial zone of surface area of 72 hectares to increase by 75% the annual freight.