Reubsvision: Virtual stroll along the Mauritian coasts

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As a passionate photographer and drone enthusiast, Reuben Pillay has explored the island with his DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone. As a result of 18 months of relentless work, the ReubsVision project was born: an online platform dedicated to discovering Mauritian landscapes, roads and vistas. Renowned for its exclusive real estate deals, you can discover a whole new side to Mauritius...

360º aerial views

This revolutionary initiative brings virtual tours to the next level, since until now, aerial maps of the island were unavailable on the Google Street View platform. Featuring more than 220 pictures of the coastline, Reubsvision offers on its free website an exciting and breathtaking tour of the island.

This achievement has come to fruition thanks to the dedication shown by this artist’s love of his native island. First, he travelled along the coasts of Mauritius, defying unforeseen weather conditions, to take pictures of every desired location from various angles. He then scrupulously put together each of the shots to create a high quality 360-degree panoramic image. At last, Reuben coded from scratch a high-performance and user-friendly website displaying all his pictures, all indexed by geographical location... Such a meticulous work!

Click and travel

If you are planning your next vacation or thinking about investing in Mauritius, here is the perfect medium to enjoy its scenic views! Since air borders are still closed to tourists, only locals have access to the island. This makes this platform an auspicious tool to help foreigners looking forward to visiting Mauritius and enjoying its beautiful coastal regions.

Discover even more

In addition, the website allows the user to register. Thus, you can easily distinguish, on the map, which images were previously viewed from those to see next. The platform also gives the opportunity of interacting by enjoying the photos, leaving comments, or by tagging places as "personally visited".

Some rather useful features for a tourist, creating a handy checklist. When planning a trip, you can pick beforehand the places you would like to visit (these will be marked on the map with a heart icon), in order to actually visit the place once in Mauritius and then mark it accordingly on the map.

Reuben Pillay has more than one trick up his sleeve when it comes to his project. He explains to LexpressProperty:

"This platform, in its current state, constitutes the first phase of the project. I am working on Phases 2, 3 and 4 and promise plenty of upcoming surprises! So be prepared to explore the island as you never have before.