The Commercial Centre of Phoenix under renovation

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For the past few months, several areas of the Phoenix Commercial Centre are being renovated. According to Frédéric Tyack, CEO d’Ascencia, with this new renovation – after the two phases of expansion of 2010 and 2013 – the Phoenix Commercial Centre wants to position itself as a lifestyle product like Bagatelle.

Thus, the food court, now situated in the mall, will be moved in a semi-open space. Frédéric Tyack also explains that the food-court will be covered with a roof and benefit from a better ventilation and natural light; the place will be hence more attractive. The gallery facing the Jumbo supermarket will also be renovated. Frédéric Tyack indicates that this area, actually not protected by bad weather, will be closed. After renovation, the south entry of the shopping Centre will serve as an opening for the well ventilated gallery, illuminated with seductive window displays.

The other big project is the repositioning of the shops of the commercial Centre. There will be a large shop of about 1,500m2 on two floors to accommodate the small shops of the commercial Centre. For Frédéric Tyack, visitor will live a better experience. Furthermore, the CEO d’Ascencia announces that So’Flo’, the commercial Centre of ENL at Floréal will be operational by the end of this year.